TEXTING WORLD.Don´t smile, it can happen to you too!

In this new era of gadgets, texting communication skills and vocabulary is something we all must master, if your young, smart and in college take up a  class about this…. since there aren´t,  start a support group.I If your dumb and old, try it too! You gotta be smart at this texting thing.


What would you do if I broke up with you

Get back with my ex

Now I see how much you care, I´m done

Hey you wanna go out?

Go with your ex

You are my ex



Be advised: I´m  dumping you when I get home tonight

Fine with me. I was just thinking we could use some time apart.

What the fuck Jenna? I go autocorrected. I meant to write jumping you not dumping you

And now you´re telling me you want to break up?

Well this is awkward



Why did you break up with Dani?

Cuz she tried licking my butthole one time and you know homie don´t play that shit.

Ohh. Woww.Lmao

Hahahahaha, I´m joking you got the wrong number




can you please spell it out it make everything more special

I´m leaving you.



Babe…I think I´m pregnant…

The AT&T subscriber yu are trying to reach is no longer in service.

You know you spelled “you” wrong.!

The AT&T subscriber YOU are trying to reach is no longer in service.




Don´t “Baby”me, we´re done




R u retarded?


Did you really just respond with Justin Bieber lyrics as I´m breaking up with u



Baby, please don´t do this. You have no idea how important you are to me.

I gave you way too many chances. I´m done.

I´ll do anything…

Forget it, alright? We´re octagon.

LOLOL i meant OVER. That was funny but i´m still braking up with you




There´s something I need to tell you

Me too. same time. GO!

I´m breaking up with you.

Will you marry me?

Well this is awkward.



I need to tell you something

what is it babe

I broke you xbox!!


Just kidding I´m cheating on you…

Soooo my exbox is ok right..?



Roses are red

violets are ble

We´re breaking up because I never loved you.


    1. I said don´t laugh! what if it was you? what a little heart you have…I can look at you looking at me. LOOK, I´m looking into your eye. What kind of eye is that the left one or the right one, can´t figure it out. Your strange.

      1. Your welcome…I´m putting a annoyed face right know, just so you know,because I don´t know how to get those yellow smiley faces up in the computer, I´m not tech savy, I´m a little cave man. Glad you enjoyed. By the way why are they yellow? They could be red, black, any other colour. I actually made a list of little things and not so little that I find curious in life.That´s my next post. Ever wonder why blue is the dominating colour? check out facebook, twitter, wordpress,they all have that blue element. Why?

      2. Hummm…Go figure. The things you learn in social media…this one I´m borrowing for my next post…coming out…it´s already written I just have to click publish.

        My favourite colour is red, what does that mean?

      3. Your pulling my leg, I can see your eye twitch there. That´s a sign of lying.You´re a woman then.

        I still like it, I don´t mind when they lie to me and I feel much better.

        I love my flag, the Spanish flag which is red yellow red. So that means I´m powerful and warm, two good combinations, I´m a keeper!

        What´s your favourite colour?

      4. O.k,It´s almost 9pm in Spain, time to for a good old spanish meal but I have trained myself into the psychology of colour. Purple means your inhibited a person that is usually introverted. Green means you are somewhat dependent on man….So you need me.

        O.k, PURPLE according to these internet psychologist genius means colour of royalty, it connotes luxury, wealth sophistication also feminine and romantic.GREEN It´s calming refreshing colour. People waiting to get on t.v sit in the “green room” to relax. This all means your a diva, your a keeper.

        Now, mine is red and yellow. See how we stack up
        RED,colour of love, it stimulates a faster heartbeat.YELLOW,cheerful sunny yellow is attention getter, it can be considered optimistic but people usually loose their temper faster but at the same time enhances concentration,hence its use for legal pads.This explains why I joined the army, and was quite a brawler in my earlier years.

        Hey! we stack up pretty good, red=colour of love/purple=feminine romantic(it does say though it can appear artificial)yellow=a bit aggressive so I need YOU green that´s calming. If a guy call´s me name while we´re having a romantic dinner and I start to get up to slap him you´ll be able to calm me with your green.
        We complement each other, see? Now I´m hungry as hell, plus the idiots down stairs are calling me, better said I don´t want them to eat my portion of the dinner.
        Think about it…you just found your perfect match.
        Talk to you, stay frosty.

      5. “O.k,It´s almost 9pm in Spain, time to for a good old spanish meal but I have trained myself into the psychology of colour. Purple means your inhibited a person that is usually introverted. Green means you are somewhat dependent on man….So you need me.” This had my head turned like a dog when it hears a high pitched whistle and an answer in the voice of scooby doo…WTF. hahaha. Then I read the real definition. I said “Okay now that’s real. So you have a temper. Scary :(. I have heard the Spanish men are controlling and will slap the shit out of you, if you make them mad. Why aren’t you married?

      6. I had to laugh at the scooby doo sentence. Never heard that one.
        No,I had a temper in my early to mid twenties, I´m 31 now. The reason, probably it came from the bullying I endured in highschool. When I finally punched the jock and when I say punch I mean I went full throttle on the guy. I couldn´t take it anymore the bullying. Got kicked out of the baseball team and humiliated the guy in front of all his friends. I gained respect, not friends, but they never again fucked with me. And I found myself I had the balls to fight and actually I wasn´t that bad at it. Took Mua-Tai lessons later on. Quite a bar room brawler. The thing is that I´m unable to get into a fight with someone I find inferior to me, if I had a little guy mouthing off I´ll just grab him by the neck and tell him next time I´d brake his legs.(I know I sound a little scary but that was my mindset years ago.)If I saw that a guy was being harassed by a bunch of guys who had superiority over him I wouldn´t think twice about jumping out and start hitting every soul that was fucking around with the little guy. So I saw myself sort of like the guy in the white hat, the good guy fighting the bullies. Probably didn´t help my anger issues joining the army the Spanish Legion and then deployed 2 times. You do have to get into an agressive mindset if you want to survive that life. But that´s 6 year ago, and as I look back I found that it was my lack of confidence in myself. Now I don´t sweat it if I have a mean boss or someone gives me a hard time, I know who I am and I can TALK my way over him or around him. Plus not to be cocky but people can feel your a confident person and usually that stops them from fucking with you.

        About Spanish men being controlling and slapping the shit out of you? Hell, that´s a bad rep we have. Never heard it, I heard the one that I dress in a funny outfit and dance in front of a bull. My case, I´m just the opposite. My ex-girlfriends(and they´re quite a few)would try to make me jealous my making little comments about how how “Johnny” was very nice with her when they went to lunch brake during job hours or something like that. I never gave it too much importance, I figured that it wasn´t worth putting my energies on things like that. I figured if she loves me then that´s that, if she want´s to fuck another guy there is not much I can do about it so I won´t do anything about it, it´s her choice I can´t change people. I guess that sort of answers the marriage question. It scares the shit out of me, first marriage then kids. Or maybe I haven´t found the right person that will stick with me being how I am. Plus after all the quick relationships I´ve had up until now , I just broke up with a girl, or did she broke up with me? I don´t know, anyways spent with her 1 year and a half. The last few weeks it was sort of painful, because I´ve seen her too much, hell I actually had to picture another face when we where making love. I was there physically but not my mind.
        The only girl that I really started having strong feeling s bout her turned out I was the one who was just a fling for her that lasted 3 months. I´m quite good in bed, not bragging but it´s the truth, you´ll know if you read on of the posts about when I lived in a tourist island here in Spain, practice.A lot of practice by the way. I guess for me to get married would be a miracle, I just don´t think about it. My friends, most of them are married and with kids. I´m the happy friend that comes around once in a while play with the kids, they love me, the kids I mean. I love kids..but just for a few hours of playing with them. They´re worst than the Seargents I had in the army. And then I take away the husband , my old buddy to have a few drinks and laughs(can´t drink now though)much to the shagrin of the wife. I tend to live by the saying `life is too short so enjoy it´. Inmaturity maybe? But I do have my reasons to have that mentality since my life has been dangling quite a few times during my existance.

        Did I just write all this stuff about myself?
        Don´t be scared, I make quite a good friend with all the naughty girls they call me their crazy friend, and if a guy is bothering them then I step up. I think they take me out sort of like a body guard for them and a bufoon at the same time(wink wink),while I´m out there in my own world looking to talk with a girl that I don´t know they call me over to laugh at my disgrace attempt to flirt with a girl. Either that or later at night when people are too drunk guys are going a little nutty over the girls inevitably I´ll get the call to talk with some strange dude that is bothering them.
        Did I just say this?
        HOW IS YOUR LIFE? HOW IS YOUR LOVE LIFE?(just kidding)

      7. Charly,

        Thank you, for sharing so much of yourself so openly. I doubt that, I could do the same and with justice. I can share That I do not like chaos, arguing and I am very affectionate and like to have meaningful conversations and be silly at times. The one thing I was hoping….that you were about twenty years older. But, that is okay per your conversation and world experience. I like corresponding with you :). Yes the colors do compliment each other. Remember that when looking for your life-long mate.

      8. That´s my next move when I go on the hunt…

        I´ll just walk to a pretty girl,with all my knowledge of colours stored in my brain and say ” Hey beautiful what is your favourite colour, if you say red it means you have an gressive personality.”
        I don´t mind talking so much about myself in the internet, it sort of gives you a false sense of security plus is therapeutic. I can´t imagine me saying this things out loud to the people that surround me. Plus you asked about the marry thing. I could just written a line, but it´s fun to sort of analize myself while I´m writing crazy things. Plus I I have no sense of shame. It´s also good “talking”with you. Hey! hold it, who said that age matters, just leave the kids, husband and move to Spain. Start a new life.
        Stay Frosty.

      9. Charly Charly. If I had met you in another life in close proximity to each other in age, you would be my partner for life. I just love your virtual
        personality. You make me smile and laugh and that is a good thing. But now, as it is, I
        want you to find, a very pretty, well educated, understanding, adventurous, one that writes. A
        deserving woman to compliment your humor, affection and love for life :). I envy whomever she may turn out to be and she will be very lucky to have you in her life :). I am happy to be your virtual friend for when I need an ear to listen and a sentence to keep me smiling and not because you try. I can see it all comes naturally. ❤ U.

      10. I´m here,just like a lion..standing still in between the bushes until it´s pray gets near and then waaaamb! I jump out and go for the kill. It´s my little analogy of saying I´ve been waiting all day sitting by the computer to see if your magical eye popped out. And it did!

        Actually I just got logged in, going to start reading through some blogs, yours included obviously.

        You kidding me about finding the girl? Come on, I´m a mess. I´m immature, have chronic pancreatitis(which is a nice way to say I´m a drunk), I don´t have a dime to my name. I live in my parents house at age 31. With all the relationships I´ve had, and their are a lot. Especially one night stands and little 2-4 weeks fling´s. Don´t know why I´m good at the one night stands and the flings. The last fling was when my dwindling relationship with the crazy ex, was that dwindling. I don´t know how I managed to get out of her paws but I did. Eventually as night progressed I got chatting up with a girl, in another town I might add. She takes me home, I see a picture of her and this tall very handsome guy and well built(you gotta see my fucked up body compared to this guy, it´s in one of the post by the way)and I actually asked her if that was her brother. She smiled,laughed and didn´t say anything.You had to see what a stud of a boyfriend this girl had, she was very pretty and she ends up with me? The worst part it happens quite a lot, not now because I avoid the night scene, but what´s wrong with you woman?. 4 hours later a 7 a.m she pretty much kicked me out, saying we would see each other again around the town. It was freaking freezing and I didn´t have a bus until 9 a.m to get back to the `crazy one´, plus I didn´t have money for the bus. Had to beg literally. I´m very good at superficial whatever you might call it, one nighters and 4 weeks.
        I´m like fast food, it tastes good, you have a good time with it for a short period of time and is easy to throw away.
        It would be cool to see beyond the picture of gravatar to really see the person. As far as I know I might be “talking” right now with a fat hairy dude.

      11. Hahahaha, man! I hope all these negative things you are saying about yourself are not TRUE, because if they are that makes me sad. Virtually in my mind you are a nice person on the inside. I can truly appreciate life’s experiences when they do not turn out they way we want, but our choices are our choices to make. Hell @ 31 years of age you should be in the gym, eating nutritional foods, NOT SMOKING and DEFINITELY NOT DRINKING!!!…this is my mommy mode. but SERIOUS! Don’t be a male whore, you may end up with something worse than pancreaitis and start loving yourself. You are an excellent writer and communicator; add these suggestions to your life and you will be the complete package for some lucky young lady. AND No, I am not some hairy dude. I am a nice looking female, African American, fifty-two, and married, unfortunately not happily. I am writing a novel in hopes of increasing my income enough to Zoom up out of here. You can say you are my therapeutic connection for great writings samples, conversation and laughter. I did see a few of your pictures, you remind my of a young Bruce Willis :). Charly, have you heard of Empowernetwork, blogging for $s, check it if you haven’t. and start living…

      12. I might exaggerate a bit…been going through some of your posts, started with the shorter one(sorry), but was reading the fiction writing too. It´s very good as far as I gotten. Is it your writing? What´s your novel going to be called? How long have you been writing? And finally have you had the privilege of living out of writing?
        I have no problems with woman´s in the fifties and you say your a good looking,I´ll pay the trip for you to come visit Spain, we can dress in the funny outfits and go head on against a bull. You know you can eat the tail? and we actually do, it´s considered a delicatessen. Just saying, if your not happily married…why not?Don´t have to answer, too personal, but remember I don´t know you and we´ll probably never meet so it can be therapeutic to talk to a stranger.
        Do I get some dough if you published something based on some ideas you got by reading my post´s? Look like Bruce Willies? Now that you say it, sort off. Hey, he´s the hero, action type of guy. That we have in common. And yes, I know all about emopwernetwork= AWOL, pay 25$ after you watched the video by those two hottie guy´s and you´ll be rich. You can´t believe how much e-mail and actually 2 people follow me that are in AWOL, I told them I was thinking about it. I don´t have a credit card believe it or not, my computer is from the last century, so I´ll go easy but I still get their e-mails…starting to piss me off. That last sentence you wrote..start living, it´s the same one I get from these people. Although if this was a selling pitch which I can totally understand, I know you guys work by commissions, I loved it(I myself worked as a telemarketer and probably pissed off half of Spain),very subtle. I like that.

      13. No Charly, as much as I want too be aprt of Empowernetwork, they will nickle and dime you to deathm before you even make one sell, so I opted out. I wish I had the money to “Go All IN, bjut I don’t, but for somebody that does.. I think it is a great way to make a residual income. I retired in 2009 from a communications CO. and started my own Natural Bath & Body Moisturizers Co. but after six years, I had to let it go, too much money going out and not enough sales coming in. So, I started singing The Gambler. “You got to know when to hide them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.” Now I am thinking of attempting to do only one product (www.shanuwater.com), my best seller and see how that turns out as well as writing my Novel. The Novel is called “Privilege” and no I have not made any money writing anything, but that will change soon. You read Chapter 10, Granny’s House. How did it make you feel? And yes I am the Writer,,,yea yea lol.

      14. I haven´t read the all of chapter 10 because of your fault! I just spent I don´t know how much time trying to debate you`re African American politics or view of life.

        Look at you! Your a freaking success, why did you made it and other black people didn´t and tell me if I at least make some sense to you. You can admit that you are wrong, (wink wink) You know deep down that I´m right, I know that because of what I´m just reading above me. And I´m glad for you. I´m sure you made enough money to now be able to dedicate yourself to writing. And you have the power to talk to those black kids and say just say “look at me” and explain how you got where you got. Hard work, strong personality, a lot of drive, help from others, I don´t know but successful people like you tend to have those traits in personality. Hard work, drive, and a never give up attitude. Have a dream, fight fro it. You just left as a CEO and now you´re launching an new product, I´ll check it out, if is something for woman I maybe buy it for my mother, if I have money. Hope the book goes well, and knowing the little that I know about you, I´m quite certain it will.
        Make me your CFO, I can handle the money.

      15. Purples are highly individual, fastidious, witty and sensitive, with a strong desire to be unique

        Purple and Green. Do you know what these colors represent?

    1. Hell yeah! I actually have to laugh out lout at some of the things I read in this wordpress community, my roomate´s think I´m crazy and will express it with vigour to me. Which is fine because they give me some ideas I can use in my own writing. Good to know you had a laugh with some of my crazy things I post. Worst part is that I sometimes find myself laughing out loud about my own writing.That´s freaking weird.
      Enjoy the movie. I´ll see if they have it here in Spain.

      1. Haha, watched it, it´s a good one. A little unknown fact, the american one is based on a french version. Watched both. Now is 9 pm in Spain so it´s time for this schmuck to go and eat dinner.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it! Life is hard so a little laugh here and there it´s always fun for your body and your soul.
      As a matter of fact I look at myself in the mirror each morning and giggle at myself like a little girl.
      Stay Frosty.

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