Little facts about life that will make you smarter.

Humans, we are complicated creatures. We create laws, we make wars,we fall in love, we fall out of love,we says stupid things. Our brain is quite majestic. We do have a beautiful mind….well sometimes. Sometimes we use it to wonder about things, but did you ever wonder about most of these type of things:

-Have problems socializing? Well, move to South Korea, they have a cat cafe where you can drink coffee and hang with cats for hours!

-According to the famous Infinite Monkey Theorem a monkey hitting random keys on a keyboard will eventually type all of Shakespeare´s plays. You writers still have a chance.

-Did you know that Cocacola  only sold 25 bottles in the first year?! But they didn´t give up….don´t give up you still have a chance of becoming successful.

-Did you thought about that at exactly 12 minutes, 12 seconds, 12 o´clock on December 12 it will be 12:12:12. So do something special that freaking day! Take your girlfriend to see the Niagara falls and when she´s leaning over the rail push her off…..Sorry maybe that´s a reflection about me.

-Did you know that since 1978 at least 37 people have died as a result of shacking vending machines in an attempt to get free food.

-Ever notice how most women problems begin with men? Men-struation, Men-opause…Men-tal breakdown!

-Did you know that the rhinoceros can ejaculate 10 times in a half-hour of a lovemaking session. What a bastard!

– Did you know that 45% of every dollar bill you have owned has been in a strippers g-string. Start sniffing boys!

-Did you know that it cost the U.S two cents to make a penny? No wonder the economy is down the drain.

-Did you know that you burn 6 calories getting your nipples to go hard? oooo Angie, Angie, why did you leave me like this, so thin and slim.

-Did you know that 1 out of 5 marital affairs have a facebook or wordpress connection? Men watch out! Women…just give me a ring or send me a message.(I just added wordpress, I lied)

-Did you know that broccoli is the only vegetable that is also a flower? Treat it well! It´s a rarety.

-Did you know that if you fail your drivers license 3 consecutive times in Switzerland by law you´ll have to visit a psychologist to explain why you failed? This makes sense, now you know why traffic accidents are so rare over there. There are no nuts driving around! Take a cue here you Americans.

-Psychology says you realize you love someone when you want them to be happy..even if it´s not with you. (Screw this one in my opinion, love them and leave them…way in the past)

-Just a thought…Are oranges called oranges because they are orange in colour or is the colour orange is called orange because oranges are orange in colour? It´s freaking confusing.

-Why does everyone talk about leaving a better planet to our children? Why don´t we focus on spewing out better little monsters for our planet.

-Did you know that Alaska has a law that says you can´t look at a moose from an airplane.?There you go for you environmental freaks! You´ve got your way!

-Did you know that Osama Bin shit face Laden was killed on May 1st. 2011 and Hitler  was killed on May 1st. 1945? Think about it……I´m smelling conspiracy here.

-Did you know that 70% of women ask questions they already know the answer too? Just tell the truth men, it´s over, we´re fucked anyways.

– Did you know that Mickey Mouse has only 4 finger in each hand and that over the years this has saved Disney million´s in animation costs? They are cruel. Where´s PETA now?

So here you go, now you have quite a knowledge that your peers around you probably don´t have. I just have made you a little smarter. Your welcome.

Stay Frosty people, and keep learning.


  1. I found out that the orange was a fruit before it was a colour. Anything that had an orange colour was actually called red. So a Robin Red Breast actually has an orange breast… How the orange got its name, I haven’t found that out yet… It’s about as mysterious as how the butterfly got its name.

  2. The Alaska Moose law is quite bizarre. As a woman, I protest that men ask questions they know the answer to also. Sometimes you just need to talk and not worry about who started the questions. Frosty days are coming. 🙂 Brenda

    1. I have no hope for mankind, and that means only men. We just have to role with what you say or do….
      It´s over.
      The talking part seems good at first glance but then things to go array for us,men.wink wink.

  3. Very nice Charly, I do feel a smarter, these things I did not know. Osama and Hitler dying in the same month.. Poor month of May. I am sure it is saying “Why ME:(. Charly the part about pushing your girlfriend over Niagra Falls. Did you read the story of the Newly Wed bride, while on her honeymoon, she got so angry with her new hubby she pushed him off the cliff, killing him? smh.

    1. Yeah, I saw it on Fox News not too long ago. I think she´s out on bail, and in a second degree murder charge. are lucky. Imagine if that was a guy, he´d be without bail and chances are he´d get 1st degree murder charge and maybe add the death penalty. Bunch of nuts out there.

      1. No, i assure you it’s not just you ! 🙂
        Most of us wonder about all the strange things but to be honest don’t find time for it.
        So I’m glad you helped us with this 🙂

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