Gorgeous woman on the world wide web.

Today I though about writing about my my experiences with my exes, but then I decided to take that idea and tell it to fuck off. Which to my surprise it did. Who was the bastard who told me I didn´t have power over myself, over what my brain decides to take as a priority and what it decides it should not even give it a thought since it´s a waste of time.

I´m a bit late to the party. The party being the social media,and what I also call the working media. Since I found that blogging take quite a bit of hours of my day.So I eventually decided to consider it work,which has all my family and friend both cursing at me,laughing at me, and pretty much saying this writing world is not a real job since it won´t pay the bills. They sure got that last part right, I´m broke as an addict to coke.But this little world, this wordpress world have given me the opportunity to know people, not really know but to chat up with people that have same interest´s, writing interests and I have found that they give me a lot of ideas to then write and store in my computer and then send to literary magazines so they can say `not interested´. Fuck it, probably Shakespeare didn´t start writing and got published in 7 months. My train of thought is going south. Back to the gorgeous woman in the World Wide Web or how I like to call it,the cool way to call it the WWW.

Can you develop a meaningful relationship through the internet? I´m not saying she´ll be the love of your life, but maybe just maybe get to know her in person. Then God knows what can come off it. It´s quite easy to chat up lines and think `hey that girl seems nice and intelligent´. Some people won´t get their hopes up, I certainly haven´t been that type of person. Is not about getting your hopes up, it´s about throwing yourself into the sort off-unknown. And if it works out fine and if not that´s fine too.

So I was talking with this girl, or texting or commenting, or writting. I´ll just call it talking. She´s not insulted by my sense of humour which is strange. In the photos she has an angelic face, piercing blue eyes, very sexy tattoos, and she lives an ocean away from me. Literally. That´s about what I know off her physical part. And that she lives and ocean away from me, should I start getting fit and swimming? I would do that, I am that crazy. But the problem is that I´m scared shitless about sharks. Plus once I get to the Eastern coast of the U.S I might get shot by the coast guard. But I´ve been thinking hard, by neurons have multiplied by the minute and my manlyhood has gotten a boost. I will fight the sharks and will dodge the bullets from the U.S Coast Guard. That should tell her something. Or maybe she thinks ” What the fuck is this idiot doing?” Gotta give it a chance, without taking risks in life there is one thing for sure, that you will never know if you could have done this or that. It has to be frustrating to live like that. Even if you fail, at least in my little mind I can say,”Check that out, I´m not good at this or she´s not the one. So fuck it, but I certainly gave it a try and I got a kick out of that experience.” Even if I fail, I pretty much get myself dusted off and back on my feet. I just lived through a fucking shitty situation and I´m loving each day and trying to cram up as many things as I love to do in the same day. Which is hard because God only gave us 24 hours, what´s up with him. Did he just label us lassies?

So my little WWW gorgeous woman, I´m willing to figh sharks, dodge Coast Guard bullets(and their good shots by the way, I´better though)put my manlyhood out there so it can be disassembled and turned into an un-manlyhood. But since I want to know what that beautiful face has to say about the meaning of those beautiful tattoos, while you get a towel and dry me off the cold Atlantic water while you can eat chicken carbonara and I eat a big ass stake while at the same time we are looking at an incredible view, so I can take pictures of you as the sun sets. You gotta give me a try.

Jesus, if she reads this…what can I say, this is the shit. Sorry about that last sentence gorgeous woman of the WWW.

This is a one mile sniper shot. It´s damn hard. Have to take into account distance,direction of movement, earth´s humidity, earth´s rotation..and so many other factors. But when you have that target lined up and you take the shot and hit it. There is nothing more beautiful. Isn´t that romantic.But she´ll probably won´t read it, so I´m safe.


    1. No, that´s boring. One thing for sure with me is that I´m not boring, you don´t do boring things with me. I refuse to do boring things, life is too short. I´ll part the ocean like that bearded guy Moses if necessary.

      Funny thing, I wrote her an e-mail…hasn´t responded.

  1. I’m writing a lot today, because it’s so much easier to find your posts at your “new” site – and there are so many good posts of yours! This one is old, but I do want to respond. It’s a good one.
    First of all,I think you’re doing the absolutely right thing. If there is something worth taking a risk for -do it. If you’re going to win something real, you got to put yourself out there, and that’s scary. But that’s a real life. I would never be toghether with my boyfriend if I wasn’t the brave one. We wouldn’t been toghether today If I didn’t dare to be the one who dared to be just plain me and the one who didn’t counted “points”. So I gave it a try and here we are. Still toghether. Today engaged.
    Life is very short, and you did the right thing to write her an email. I hope you got an answer by now, But if you don’t -don’t take it personal. It can be thousands of good reasions. Be proud that you had the guts to take contact. And also be careful – I’m sounding like an old gypsy, but be sure it is the right person on the picture, that you are visiting. I’m sure it is, but internet is internet. Now I’m having dinner and I must leave the computer for tonight.:-)

      1. LMAO!! Not too corny at all! It’s ok for guys to show some feelings & emotions. Actually women like that in a guy! Doubt you are losing your mojo 😉

  2. You can certainly build meaningful friendships, perhaps even a budding love over the internet. I wouldn’t develop a relation past a good friendship on the internet myself. If it is meant for more I’d need to see him or her in the flesh. There is just something that makes it real when you can touch them.

    Not to say a long distance relationship can’t work. My ex was a soldier who spent 3 and a half tours away from me. He died over there but I believe he was faithful and I was too. We wrote, we skyped and we stayed in touch as often as wartime allows.

    I wish he’d come home. But I was forced to see him buried. In the end I find comfort knowing he helped make us safer so in a way he died to make sure I’d be safe. Long distance is no way to start a serious relationship beyond friends or flirty sex chat. But it can sustain a preexisting and healthy relationship once one is built.

    1. I´m sorry about your ex, I have quite a few friend that died in that screwed up country. But that is the past so I really don´t think about it. I was 24 back then and I´m 32 now, so time to move on.

      No I don´t think long distance relationships works, as you say it´s nice when they are there next to you and you can touch the girl or just hug her and not even say anything just hug her.

      P.S. This is quite nice since I forgot about this post too.

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