To fear or not to fear, that is the question ….

Butterfly Sand

vista mountains

 It is quite natural to have a certain amount of fear in your life.  Actually it is quite beneficial, even necessary.  Fear can keep us from doing really stupid things, like stepping over a cliff edge or driving our car into a ravine.  We know what will happen if we do and that is frightening.  There is a negative side to fear.  It can cripple us from living our lives as fully as we should.  How many people have not spoken to someone that they are attracted to because of fear of rejection?  How many people are absolutely paralyzed by the fear of speaking in public?  How many people are terrified to show their work be it paintings or poetry because they are afraid others will find it less than stellar?

 For those of us who are dealing with an incurable disease there is another kind of fear, the fear…

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