Poetry 101..or worst.


Today I wake up in pain,

thinking there is not much to gain.

Fever, fever, fever,

it´s worst than hearing Justin Beaver.

My stomach is swirling around,

and this doesn´t make me too fond.

I don´t want to go,

but the family tells me that is what I have to do

so there is nothing I can do.
First phone talk with the medic and he tells me that there is probably some stomach infection,

I´m not looking for perfection in my recovery to a new incarnation.

So fuck am I tired and sometimes I want to retire,

But not again to the hospital…

There is no option, that is the nature of having pancreatitis,

I don´t want to go back, I just want to see some tittis.

So screw me again,

although if there is no pain there is no gain.

I´m off in an hour, in a bitter hour I´ll be re-entering the white structure

which is far away from a piece of sculpture, hospital the call it?

Fuck it. Don´t want to watch it.

Waste of time since  I wont be able to blog  or read others,

which is something that gives me the angers. Angers? what fucking poem.

Off I go to the hospital, like an rare animal, to be studied. Hope there is no infection,

or I´ll probably get pissed off and knock the shit of some doctors perfection.


  1. Glad to see you’re trying your hand at some poetry! I don’t like hospitals either. It starts off like a typical rhyming poem, and then the cadence develops into more of a rap-like feeling, which is pretty cool. I hope to read more of your poetry! 🙂

      1. Oh Thanks God you are backkk !!!
        A Good way to deal with your confusions is to indulge in mine?? (You know with my blog being “Life confusions” , Hah! )

        By the way, Are you 100% fine now?

      2. Working on in,
        It´s nice to be back and reading you and all the other people. I´ll pass by your blog later and tell you what´s good or bad in your writing…like a teacher

  2. There is a common misperception that all poetry must rhyme or invoke Shakespearean-type literary techniques or some deeper meaning about the state of society. Poetry is an emotion. It is an artform. Poems can tell stories, become nursery rhymes or serve to mask the way we really feel (although your feelings came through) like in Poetry 101…or Worse. Clever title. It works on different levels. Hope your stay is short and sweet this go round. We miss you when you are not here. >>

    1. I agree. Did you ever read a comedy poem? I haven´t.
      I miss too when my life goes on hold and can´t work on what I love,now back to reading one of my favourite bloggers.
      By the way, when you can send me your e-mail since I had some trouble with the in-box.

      1. NASA research has been stalled due to the government shutdown. I don’t cover NASA for electronicproducts.com anymore though. But I will still be pumping out tech articles here and there.

      2. Shutdown is finally over! The world didn´t come to an end. There are still a lot of articles you have I haven´t read, so I´ll go surfing through your blog hopefully soon.

  3. Oh my Charly, I did not know, I knew you weren’t posting, but thought you were creating the juice. :). I wish you a speedy recovery and come back to us, “We Love You :).

    1. I´m out now, that´s what counts and try to crunch as much as I can in the 24 hours we have,(it´s little time, had to make a 34 hour day) I missed that cooky eye of yours.

      1. For you to write it. It sounds good. Not because you are a dummy, because you can make us think :).
        I am working on my website. I accidently deleted my home page :(((

  4. Charly, I am thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery, that you can come back and write, making us think in a different way and examin how we approach and live in this life. Now hurry up. 🙂

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