A Love letter from a new nominee.

I´ve been nominated for the 2013-Best short/long story post called

I´m a fucking Hero, and you are a dummy.

I´m that cool, I´m too cool to even go to school.

So the nomination I just saw in my little thing up there that pops up when you get messages? Anyways it comes from a person, I´m sorry he is not a normal person he is the MYTH the LEGEND men want to be like him and girls want to be with him he is…..



Mr. Kendall F. Person, I will like to tell you something out here in public. I don´t write about serious things so it´s kind of hard. But you are great guy. I remember you where one of the first people that I met and followed and then you followed me when I started with this blog thing about 6 months ago. I remember the encouraging words you write to me, not only in public but in private. I remember when you wrote the post about bullying and you asked  me to e-mail you with my experience and I did. I remember the good job you did at writing that post like so many others. I remember the encouraging words you´ve send me not only in public but through e-mail, specially the one “Where the fuck are you?” when I spend 2 months at the hospital. That meant a lot really, I´m not the best writer but I must be doing something right for you to give me your words of wisdom. So my friend, I´m really happy I´ve met you. This sounds to gay.

Sorry I only talked about this man, but all you people(81 people that´s fun, who would´ve thought)that follow me or read me, why? Don´t have a clue, but don´t think I don´t appreciate you reading and some comments. This blogging experience is probably the most positive one in my life, the most productive one, also the writing stories sending them to magazines to get rejected. But the blogging experience wouldn´t have happened without YOU people. So thank you.

You know what frustrates me? I want to read all the blogs that I follow and that they follow me in one day or two days and I can not do it, there should be days that last 34 hours to cram up all the reading my fellow bloggers, because their damn interesting to read.

Stay Frosty gents, and thanks again.


  1. Lovely acknowledgement for your supporter. It makes a difference when we find a mentor. I fully understand your feelings. I too am grateful to all my readers for the comments and ‘likes’ and for making this such an adventure.
    Two things: The easiest way to add a link for your therepublicblogger supporter is to copy paste the already existing link on his blog (his name will be embedded as a link, you can tell if that’s the case if it changes colour).
    Alternatively you can go to “blogs I follow” on the right side of your Reader, then scroll down to his name and there will be a link there (again different colour, usually blue). Sometimes I have trouble copy pasting only the name, so you can start the copy paste a little lower and just delete the excess words once you’ve pasted the link). Try it and you’ll see what I mean.
    You can even add the link to this post by using the edit button and then updating once you’ve added it.
    Hope this helps.
    The second point, please-please-please do not say or write “this is gay” or “this is too gay” or something similar when what you are trying to say perhaps is “this is soppy” or something else. It may not seem like a big deal, but using the word “gay” in such situations adds a pejorative connotation to it.
    Of course, the choice is yours, but I do hope that we can all express ourselves without using that particular expression, and our writing will lose nothing and improve from the change.
    Thank you again for sharing this nomination.
    Congratulations and may you continue in your path to success.
    Warm regards,

    1. Really appreciate it Vic, I´ll do that now.

      About the gay thing…what can I say I think we´ll have to agree to disagree, people that read me or know me know I´m not politically correct and they know I don´t say it with any malice. So sorry if it bothered you, but I´m sure if you read some more stuff of mine you´ll probably jump on the boat from England to Spain and smack me.

      1. haha No, I certainly got the fact that there was no malice in your use of it. Many people use it without intending any offence, and I don’t take offence, nor do my gay friends when it comes to it. But there is something to it. There is an undercurrent in the usage of the expression which perpetuates certain attitudes that I would rather not see perpetuated. 🙂
        Let me know if the link edit works out for you. I hope it does. Very glad you got the nomination.

      2. VIC, I finally got it. The putting up the links. And you know what? It wasn´t that hard after someone took the time to tell me. Thanks beautiful.

      3. Excellent. That’s very good news. Now you can link up to your heart’s delight.
        I found out how to do it by accident after copy-pasting someone’s name. 🙂
        And you are very welcome.

      4. I´m going to start linking you, man am I happy. See when you see and do, and go through so much shit in life and then one day a little thing like this happens, which for me becomes a great thing I´m a happy hippo. And now I´m going to celebrate cause I´m hungry as hell.

      5. I am very glad that I could may a difference to your day. It does sound like a change for the better. Enjoy the celebration and I hope you will have many more reasons to do so in the future. And, of course, feel free to link 🙂

  2. I’m sorry to hear you were in the hospital for two months!! Holy mackerel! I guess it has been a long time since I visited your blog. Congrats on nomination!

  3. Wohoo Congratss Charly I just read it. Well deserved. You were very kind to have mentioned that “obviously” great guy. (Gonna check him out later in the day.)

    And I know exactly what you mean by the support and love of these awesome people. I feel like a celebrity sometimes. Is that wrong? Oh well whatever. It makes us happy, so thats what matters.

    P.S when you write honestly and from the heart then obviously it gets heard and people like it, so all the credit to you. Congrats again. Good job !

      1. Awwww *girly moment* how about a princess? Haha

        And Yeah exactly, its hard to believe that people you may not ever meet in your life become such a great part of one’s life.

  4. Time works that way. Like you, I want to read as many blogs as possible. I even use my third eye to do that. 🙂
    Congratulations for the recognition. You deserve it..

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