Best sentences,words,quotes.Everrrr

I have what I call my little book of secrets, my notebook that I walk around with and write things that catch my eye or brain? Here is my knowledge passed to you, a little at least, you´re welcome.

-There where none before me there will be none after me that makes me the one and only. I´m young and single and love to mingle certified bonafied, and double qualified to bring you satisfaction with a hole lot of action. Look out baby, I´m your love man! I AM HUNGRY.

-I belief that the biggest differences between artist and normal people is the artist ability to describe what everyone else feels, and sometimes if their lucky to describe something no one else has felt before.

-love them and leave them.

-Maximize efficiency.

-He´s as jittery as a sinner about to enter the pearly gates.

-Don´t put the pussy on the pedestal.

-Happy as a hippo.

-Consistency is the worst enemy of the imaginative.

-Adversity doesn´t build character but rather it reveals character.

-Loyalty above all else except honor.

-What´s cooking good looking?

– Peace through brute force

-Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frighten us. You playing small doesn´t serve the world. Theere´s nothing enlightening about shrinking so that others won´t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine in our own ways as children do. It´s just not in some of us is in everyone of us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do so. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.(True?don´t know but sounds good)


-Calibrate yourself to even and then click another notch to yourself. Remove yourself from the equation. Once you´re calibrated you are free to be an ass hole.

-Talking to women is like shouting down a well

-Donating your eggs is exchange of currency. The World Bank needs you ladies!

– Good strategy is not only doing the right thing, it´s about doing the right thing at the right time.

– A cook in the bedroom and a whore in the kitchen.

-You nickname goes against all nickname protocols.

-Demoscratos(greek for democracy)



-Question everything, a life without questioning is a life not lived.

-Live fast, die young and leave a  nice looking body behind.

-Everyone has its own destiny but not everyone makes the choices to follow it.

-A little violence never hurt anybody( said by a gangster from the Bonnano family)


    1. Good morning, it´s 8:30 in Spain and I´m up on a Saturday this early?

      I appreciate your comment, just another nutty thing that I post but as long as your smiling I´m happy.

      1. That´s not right, my well is not that deep.
        What are you doing at 2:20 a.m, that must be in the U.S eastern time, just curious don´t have to answer…I got it you just came from a nigh of parting.

      2. Right, I do remember we had a little `conversation´and you did mention looking through the window at the night while the lights of the street bounced of the snow.

        See, and then they tell me I don´t pay attention to people.

      3. I just saw I have a person that read one of my posts that´s from Japan! Japan! that´s pretty cool. Don´t you like to pinch on the button that shows you the map of the world where everyone has read you. I always say I have the world grabbed by the balls, excuse my french. I feel like I can stop a war now, with all my contacts around the world

      4. Cool! You know I only heard that expression “Excuse my French” 15 years ago when I moved to Toronto (English Canada)…it’s not something we hear amonst French people much. it is amazing how we can not only communicate but actually connect…relate to one another around the world. Project O with truly proved that connection. Did you take part?

      5. No, and I regret it now, I was probably off either at the hospital or doing nothing productive that´s for sure. But I did check the mail once in a while when I could, or better said was in a state of mind where I could actually focus and saw that Project O. Is he going to do more? How did that work?

      6. No he had a time frame for responses to come in. I read only half, which was about 65. There were so many, I must take a look when I have time to read through the rest. It is a great way to see how everyone answered so differently on many issues and everyone was so respectful. I have reblogged about 60 of them on my blog. He is inviting quest bloggers now starting January. Are you feeling better now??

      7. Yeah, I just read this morning one of his post that the title was “woman are crazy, how to loose your female readers” Had a laugh by myself, if you have time I recommend you read it, you´ll laugh, he´s so very right when he says that woman argue for the simple reason to argue, or better said to test the relationship.

      8. Oh don’t worry, I read that months ago…it was the first post I read because that title was so catchy and I was expecting to argue but it made me laugh and smile and laugh.. He is the first blogger that inspired me to write as he talks about this. In a recent post, I wrote “Inspired to write” I mention him and you are mentioned too as the first who commented on my post. He is right by saying the best way to improve in writing is to write and write. The support and encouragement in this community is amazing. I’m gonna turn in now. Nite or good morning. Talk to ou soon.

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