Got nominated again. How the hell does that happen?

I have to thank  Jane Dougherty Writes,  for the nomination of 2013 Nominees-best performance by a blogger on Kendall F. Person, …

“There belies a level of brilliance in not understanding, we are telling a story, even in a blog considered a rant. But writers cannot hide, and all eventually realize, that words should inspire, and the rants are  just part of the show.  From the blog Crazy Life the nominated post is Remember me? Screw that.”

And that is what she had to say.

So I´m actually brilliant! And I don´t even know it. How the hell does this happen, got two nominations in I think in a two week period. And you know what? I don´t even know how this works.  The nomination process I mean. If somebody can tell me I´ll be grateful. Can anybody nominate? Do they nominate on a certain blog? I have no clue.

I hope they give me a trophy though, a gold trophy.

Now that I think about it I think is better that it is not gold because I´ll probably sell it…and then use the money to stuff myself with a big ass burger and fries, and ketchup, huuummm man do I love that, and my cholesterol through the roof. So that´s that, thank the people again for the nomination and thank the people that read me. Who would´ve thought that when I started with this blog thing 6 months ago people would actually read some of my crazy writing, and I don´t even write that good compared to others, compared to the people that I follow and that they follow me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Congratulations to you, charlypriest!

    SoundEagle can understand your being befuddled by being nominated twice in about a fortnight, and by the process of nomination, because something similar happened to SoundEagle too, as described in the post at

    Indeed, it would be much nicer and more meaningful or relevant had our nominees bothered to explain their reasons for their nominating us.

  2. Where is another smiling picture of yours with this post???
    You got an award man, We deserve a smile from you !

    P.S Congrats on the award. I got a little carried away when I didn’t find your smiling face in that post ! 😉

      1. woho, same here, I just woke up as well although not from a long nap. Do you consider three hours long nap?

        And I demand your smiling face with every single post ! I’m gonna walk the city for it and protest ! 😀

  3. Hey charlypriest – Apologies for not answer your question soon, I probably thought it was rhetorical, which is my bad. If you have no objections, I will answer your question regarding nominations for Thepublicblogger Awards in a post that I will publish before the day is through. >> Always good to see you, hear from you and read you, charlypriest. – kp

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