PETA! You´re nuts. Really, you are.

I´m going on a rampage right now, this idiots..I can sort of understand that of not killing whales, but tell the Japanese that so they can starve. Or you should probably make them eat strawberries for their hole life. Yet again black bears eat strawberries so you might have a conflict of interest there.images Or maybe not. That is the adds you put out you un human devils or animals, what are you human or do you want to be a animals? It´s my leg, fucking nut jobs you are.

You just have to intrude on everyone in any country and have it your way because you are morally above everyone else, you´re for the safety of the animals. And the rest of us, even hunters hate animals right? I probably take better care of my two dogs than you idiots. What you are is morally misguided with your priorities all fucked up.

People for the Ethical Treatmeant of Animals. One thing is to be ethical another thing is to equal animals to people and that´s what you did in a fucking disgusting way the other day.

A Pennsylvania teen was attacked by a bear while hunting causing severe injuries that she almost lost her ear. Following the attack PETA wrote her a letter, ” This seems to be a good opportunity to put yourself in the place of the individuals you and the rest of your hunting party were trying to kill. As terrifying as it must have been to be attacked by a bear, please consider the frightening and painful experiences that hunters set out to impose upon animals”  Notice that in the letter they refer to the animals as `individuals´…my ass individuals they are animals, I don´t serve a plate on the table for my dog to sit next to me and eat some good cow meat, or bull meat. Are you kidding me? They eat once in the morning and once in the afternoon in their little plates that are in the garden. Then they come back up to their little comfy mattresses, after shitting all over the place and me picking up the shits. You´re equating animals  to humans, you freaks. Don´t you have anything else to do than to write a letter to a teenage girl that almost died by a bear. Seems you don´t.  Get a hobby I´ll pay for it, like cleaning my dogs shits. You love animals so much so come to my house and help out with the shits of my two beast I have to live with. And the letter….really if I was the father of that girl I´d give each and every one of you idiots a slap in the butt, like my mommy did when I was little and did bad things.

PETA Reprimands Teen Hunter After She’s Attacked by a Bear | Fox News Insider Yeah, I know is the Fox News the devil, but if someone takes the time to see a 6 minutes video and tells me that the woman there for PETA is not a bit off, to say the least, then I guess the world is upside down and I just have to live in it. Which it is by the way!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

*P.S. Hey idiots, I know you´ll be reading this. The organisation who follows me and controlling everyone in the web because they´re an organisation that fights the good fight like antibullying(that one is good though), hate people who hunt whales and bullfighting and a bunch of other stuff that I can´t remember. Bullfighting is in Spain to stay, the government already tried to banned it and guess what? it´s called democracy, the people want the bullfights. So 1% is not going to tell the rest of us Spaniards what to do and see.  They actually wrote a post on me calling me a Troll, that was cool, through traffic my way. Actually helped. I always said if you don´t have enemies in life you´re probably doing something wrong with your life. Troll…you kidding me? I don´t even know what the fuck that word means. Nothing good that´s for sure, but I like it when I buy a cat, I´ll call him Trolly and when I go hungry I´ll do like my grandma did in times of the Spanish civil war, whack him in the head and eat it.*


      1. Thanks for asking, I´m going there this next Monday the 23 and suppose to return back on the 3rd but who knows…he´s pretty bad, he´s basically in his final stage of life so who knows how long is he going to last or is he going to die when I´m there and then another fucking funeral and a hole bunch of shit that will not let me write. I just found a new place that I was looking right now called wattpad, seems you can publish for free not quite sure I´m checking it out as I´m writing this,so the family issues gets in the way when I finally I´m concentrated in doing what I love and always wanted to do. Do I sound selfish? Survival mechanism. He´s going to die,sooner or later, last time I was with him sitting in a chair next to his bed at night it was like seeing a skinny corpse. Mother say´s they want him out of the hospital now because the doctors can´t do anything more, seems the aids have eaten everything in his body. I´ve already seen death, so in my mind he is a walking dead, he´s dead. I sometimes want him to die sooner so he´s missery ends and ours, we mourn and move on. Cause what drives me right now is writing. Again too selfish, probably, fuck it. Sorry for the curse words. Just came out as I´m typing.

  1. No worries with the cursing, I hold back here most times but it`s a release and I work with teens…so it`s day to day language. I am sorry for your family and your uncle. You are not being selfish, you are being human. You see the suffering, a human wasing slowly and of course you want it to end. I prayed for my step-father to leave sooner and peacefully…it is selfish to want them to stay when they are suffering. So no, you are not selfish. I`m pleased to read you have found a true passion, writing! I know it`s difficult to lose a loved one duirng the Christmas holidays…my grandmother passed 2 weeks before…sending you and your family strength and much love…to support each other during the holidays and this difficult time. Oliana

      1. Hehe…thanks, Carlos…my Tiburon is still sick (won`t shift) so have to go Christmas shopping on the bus now. Just as well, too much snow falling again…it sure is going to be a white Christmas. Tchau!

  2. Hey Gent :),
    You are a very real person dealing with real issues and you are not selfish in the least. You say what you mean and ……………………………..LOL, I felt the same way about my 85 year old mother. She was in a lot of pain everyday. I found myself asking that her spirit be spared and released from her broken body she was in. I still know you will mourn and write about it in your blog. Happy Holidays 🙂

    1. Thank you Shanu, I´m actually thinking about writing a little story or maybe a novella about this experience. Sort of therapeutic I found out to write about things, get them out of your chest.
      Stay Frosty gentess

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