Hey President Reagan!(youtube video)

U.S. Armed Forces – We Must Fight – President Reagan (HD) 2013 – YouTube

And you would think I´m from the U.S. Lived there half my life, studied there, and came back to Spain to fight for  Spain. The truth, I just wanted to experience war, didn´t give a shit which country, would´ve prefer the U.S but I was there with a student visa which was…let´s say lost.Have 2 friends in the Marines though, or where cause now they´re out. Sounds crazy to want to experience war doesn´t it. Maybe I am. This video doesn´t glorify war that´s what I like it. But it does, at least to me, shows you reality. One thing is to show it, another thing is to truly comprehend it. And only one´s who have been there know it.   But it is a necessary evil.

Any way, in my current situation and I guess for everyone, you must fight in life. Fight or flight as the Americans say. Fight for a getting a job, or getting a promotion in your job, fight for your relationship if you really think is worth it, life is a constant battle. What distinguish the loosers from the not loosers, I won´t say winners because you can´t always win. But you have to fight and keep focus and move on, move on, learn from past experiences and leave them behind.


  1. I’m not the one who shall comment this, because I have not been in war. I can’t hold a rifle. But spontaneously, it looks like the good men are sent out to war – and the less good one’s are the one’s whos sending them out there. Everybody knows there are no winners in war, because soldiers on “each” side are having losses, families, friends and a vision. But I understand the philosphy – some have to die to safe the mass. And I understand that there are a million of shades of good, bad and evil among soldiers too. Some soldiers in a gerilla in some cuntries, just cut the head off people, another soldier carries a baby away from the fire. The shades of human nature.

    But the leaders are still sitting safe at home or in a bunker – eating good and having their shower. I don’t say that they are bad. I’m just saying that it is a grief that humans have this evil side that the robb and kill and rape and lie so war is needed.
    You are one of this men who came home from war, I’m glad that you tell your story. There is no glory around war. And I liked the video.

  2. And I love the way you write that everyone must fight for something and that you there are not winners or loosers, because you can’t always win.
    Not even Yoda could have written your last part in your post better.

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