Nap, nap….wake up wild rider!

I´m a wild rider, here I come then I´m gone, easy comes easy goes and I have some foes, fuck it. Going ADD here.

Hold it, now……HIT IT!

You sleep? I happen not to do so, I´m just too cool, had to stay in school. So I return to the basement of my parents house for….34hours. Sleep 5. Want to get back to writing and the blogging world so I try to cram up as much as I can. Then I  get a call from the woman who is taking care of my uncle. She say´s he´d entered into a coma and doctors are saying he´s in a very difficult condition and chances are he won´t make it. Easy comes, easy goes wild rider get the freaking “bullet” train, nobody in the train I might add and it´s christmas time. Government subsidize the project, government didn´t manage to good the money from the tax payers, government is broke. Had to be the socialist government, not that the ones in place are doing that much better, pretty much the same. So get in train, read my cool new Stephen King book, fall asleep, nap nap, “Excuse me sir, whe´re in Malaga” says the stewardess 2 and a half hours later. Me thinking, what the fuck? Malaga, that´s 500 kilometers from my house, how did I end up here? Wake up Charly gotta get to the hospital you idiot.

Make my way to emergency room, patients are screaming in pain, family members are sobbing, some faint, people with blood everywhere in their clothes. I look, I see, I don´t give a shit. Seen worst in my life. The hospital is overwhelmed. My immediate job is to find the uncle. Walk from one nurse to another, finally find the doctor that has taken him in. “How is he doing?” I ask expecting the worst. “He´s stable.” He responds. You kidding me? When is this dude going to die. Put my whole life on hold, easy go wild rider and go to where he is lying down in some make shift screwed up bed. He looks at me and smiles, I smile back and start talking to him about the cool stewardess from the train. He smiles. He´s weak. He looks like one of the holocaust survivors…you know the cool little photo of those poor guy´s that are all bones? At least they could walk, this guy can´t even walk, skiny skiny skiny. I keep talking like nothing is out of the ordinary, while I quickly glance around me at the situation, know which nurses are going to take care of him, what is it they are putting through his veins, be alert when the little bottle runs out so I´ll go call them and let them know. Cause you better be on your toes with these people, not the greatest service. You Americans want universal health care…be my guest. Anyways I just keep talking and he smiles weakly. I should write a post on how to master the abnormal so it seems normal. You project competence and strength and the people around you will react in a positive way to it. On other things in life I just suck, but when it gets to critical situations, I just react, cool headed and get the job done.

Now, life back on hold, just spend the night there. Spend 24 hours in the hospital bed, or next to it sitting or standing. I nap for 30 minutes, wake up! In comes a nurse with some other bottle that contains some strange liquid. Nap nap, wake up! My uncle is shitting himself. He´s ashamed, I look at him and smirk and tell him my shit smells worst. Not that you can run out and scream in panic for someone to come and clean him, to many patients to little nurses and most of them are talking about anything and everything that is not related to their job. So wake up! I go fetch them for the one hundredth time, finally they come. Nap nap. It´s 9 a .m, mom comes in. I go back. 20 minutes bus ride from the hospital to the train station, 20 minutes from the train  station to my uncle´s home. Nap a little in the train, not too much cause I don´t want to miss the stop like happened yesterday. Get to his house,get the groceries my mother had written down on paper, get the wheel chair back to the place we rented it. No nap, go nap now. Wild rider is going to his uncles home for a nap and then this afternoon, hopefully I can read some of your blogs. And guess what, whoever reads this, if someone. I´ll tell you something beforehand. I actually take notes from the blogs I read. So I´m a wild rider-blog thief. Nap Nap I´m out of the grid.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesse.


    1. Sometimes in these internet caffes computer I can get into comment section´s others I can´t, it´s a mess. Never though I would say this but I miss my Mackintosh.

      I´m good, thank´s for asking. I´m drained that´s for sure but I can´t afford to stop. I could have gone directly to eat something and lie down in one of the beds in my uncles apartment. But if I did I would feel like I hadn´t done enough, haven´t written, nor read other blogs, twitter and the rest. I can go one more mile, when you have nothing else left in the tank, then it´s when you go that one extra mile. If I don´t do that I just don´t feel right. No other option but to go that extra mile.

      1. Naaa, I gues everybody does, everyone has his or her own issues. Just have to deal with them, I make a pretty good therapist to tell you the truth. Was pretty good at my 3 psychology classes I took in college. Plus human nature is not all that hard to read or predict in most cases. Just have to have a little eye out and a little brain. I´ll give you advice for…..o.k for free. What´s in your mind?

      2. We´ll do, not today because I only have 45 minutes left in these crummy computers of the internet caffes of the world. But I will tomorrow, that´s a promise. I don´t break promises.
        And when I do, yep, it´s me the one who´s writing. Cause I wrote something serious, well thought out to a fellow blogger and he was actually amased that it was me who wrote it. So yes, it´s me. Even if I have two neurons which are hitting each other by the way, they still work pretty good.

        Read ya tomorrow.

    1. I´m off the grid for some time, it´s a 24 hour rotation so gotta get back to the hospital. Only have one sort off to myself and about 4 hours in the internet caffe crummy computer.

      Read ya

  1. I couldn’t believe my eyes while I was reading, this is exactly what has happened to my aunt these days. I understand well what you are going through. Get some rest and take care .

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