I love writting poem.Panick a buuub.

Did I just put love on the title over on top? Jesus christ, but I kid and don´t kid, it´s my ironic stupid humour that I have but in this case it is sorta ironic but not entirely. I´m strange.

Here goes one of my cool little my cool I said, cause it´s very cool I ´m a cool MAN. There is a fellow blogger so check her out, not in that sense don´t think bad, but a very cool and good person. So here is for you, cause I love you. In the wordpress way, anyway´s here goes the poem and I´m just writing here with no end or start in sight……………………………

YO! Panic,

that´s not tragic.

Aaaaaa, strong woman,
you are human.

I love you you love me,
are you kidding me?

Just writting,
cause I´m liking

Specially for a person like you
Panic a buuuu!

Love ya read ya
and see ya.(not really but just writing)

Says a hero!
What a zero of a hero.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

One comment

  1. What a lovely poem. I just love it.
    You are no zero- hero,
    you are a hero- hero with such a great heart and mind.

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