STAY FROSTY, the strange meaning of it.

I always end up the post with “Stay Frosty gents and gentesses”.  The meaning of Stay Frosty I got it  from a U.S Marine Sargent who before a firefight started, since they, the Americans can monitor the radio traffic with their own radios will hear the enemy that they are about to be attacked. Didn´t have that in the Spanish army, but I don´t know if it´s better to just walk around knowing you might get shot at but maybe not, or know in advance for sure that you are going to be going to be shot at. But that is not here or there.

Anyways this Marine Sargent will always lead from the front so he´d turn around and tell his fellow Marines “Stay Frosty gents!” I might add that since a fellow blogger pointed out that there where female readers I should address them too instead of just finish with the gents, so I came out with gentesses which I´m pretty sure is not in the dictionary. So I just created a new word. I have a beautiful mind.

Stay Frosty= Stay calm, cool, collected, with all your senses working at their peak, and put into action all your training to terminate your target.

Which perfectly translates to the civilian world. For example, when I go out to bars and I see a group of girls alone or a lot of times mistakenly I though they where alone and when I approached my target to terminate her in bed resulted she had a boyfriend not too far away. So no wonder I end up in fights and getting thrown out of bars.

But here is the thing, I´m staying calm and collected that projects confidence and girls dig it since they seem to think it´s cool. All my senses are working at their peak, my little me(the one down there….is also at his peak), I´m listening to her, asking what she wants to be asked, watching her body language which tells a lot. Maybe a song comes out and she says she likes this song or just by her body movements you can see she likes it and songs tell a lot about people. So basically all my senses are working at reading this gorgeous blond sexy girl so I´m putting all my training into place to terminate my target a.k.a her, terminate her in bed yelling until she finally says “Thank you”. Then I stand up, stretch, smoke a  cigarette and say “Call you beautiful”. I´m just like a James Bond type of guy.

I will admit that there has been occasions that some girls have just given me the cold shoulder, their lost, but that doesn´t dissuade me. I´ll just walk two steps to the next girl who has been probably listening to my whole charade and do it again. And guess what? Some actually find it funny, cause I am quite a funny guy, at least for some people they find me funny or is it just me that finds me funny….Fuck it.

Forgot, that same principle you can apply it at work, dealing with your boss, with your family  and in all facets of life. I just to horny and put the example of my successes in picking up women. Which at the end of the day they want it so everyone wins. Everyone uses each other…..Fuck it.

Stay Frosty gents and in second place as always….gentesses.(wink wink)


    1. Hey there! Nice hearing from you.
      Yeah, been quite some hectic weeks, but I´m back!
      Trying to catch up on a lot of things, try reading you later see what your up to,something good I hope…..

  1. Great post. I still borrow your stay frosty phrase and use it on myself to take it easy and manage a ( for me) difficult task. It can be going to a shop or like today- participating at a meeting with my two clients …. I have not tried it at the opposite gender yet :-)… I will wait till the sun shines and the cafes on the streets open. just kidding.
    When I read about your advaced skills when you find and get your target girl. I can’t help but do you act when you find/target someone you really like/ love – you know the real thing when sometimes you have no words. Not my business at all- but that vision pops up- you can tell about that in an upcoming novel when you’re rich and famous!

    1. Good point how do I act when I find someone I really like and love, I just use the same strategy except that I don´t lie through my teeth that often. I just love them for who they are with their faults and virtues the same as them to me. But that was a long time.

    1. Forgot, about the Screwby.

      Somebody says something insulting to you, you look at them for a couple of seconds in the eye with your worst killer look you can put on and then say it, Screwby, you then walk away. Confuses people, but the look has has again has to be a menacing look before you say the word.

      I should be a psychologist.

  2. Charlypriest, you are what we call a dog, with your use and be used attitude toward your own body and women. I know a lot of men in the military with attitudes like that, using their hyper vigilance to target women in bars. My stepbrother was in the Navy, and he referred to that as “dogging” women. As long as we are slinging military parlance around… I like stay frosty. I don’t know about gentesses. What about goddesses? LOL

    1. About the military, hold on a dog? I´m a puppy. Imagine you spend months and months without females, and specially a guy in the Navy. No wonder that when you´re not on the boat or me on lost land with no girls around and you finally get to civilazation, what do you do? Go drink and go pick up girls. Not all ofcourse but most.

      Hey I like that, goddesses, gonna start using it. Has a better ring to it, but gentesses in a way I´ll miss it since it was my creation so I´ll alternate.

      1. I know, I was too with my sarcastic ironic strange humour and I´m not going to do what I like. I just wrote this one that happened God know how many years. I´ll let you in in a little secret, been with the same girl for 5 years, we broke up, but can´t say I regret being single now.
        Love ya, read ya. and don´t get mad.

  3. Aha, Frosty you Charly ! Thank you for letting us in on the story of yours 😉
    Also I loved how you labeled yourself as James Bond kinda guy, I better start calling you this, No?

  4. Thanks for the back story. You are one hilarious man!! In some way, being in the Spanish Legion made you more transparent than you probably will admit. I guess you’re definition will have to make its way into all dictionaries in the world. If cooking star Rachel Ray can get EVOO-Extra virgin olive oil into the dictionaries, why not you?!
    I imagine your bar scenes like a skit on Saturday Night Live (a NY based show). It would be seen again and again, gaining traction and becoming a trending market.
    You never know what the future holds!

    1. 😉 You didn´t know I am jokester!!
      Plus that story I think is true, there are too many that I may not recall.
      I do know SNL, lived in the U.S since a kid up until 18 years old, then….eventually ended up back in Spain, long story.
      Glad you liked it, I would go and check you out, I mean your blog not you per se, but I´m in a crappy internet caffe since my computer is broken and the guy that controls the controls of the computer is looking at me as in saying “get the f…ck off now!!” Hopefully Santa buys me a new laptop.

      1. Or a smartphone!! That’s what I use. Never owned a computer in my life. For real! I maintain my blogs and all through my smartphone. Its easy, simple to carry around and can multitask! Recently I added another post so whenever those guys stop giving you the stink eye, the better you can get on with what you gotta do. Hear from you later. And behave yourself while you befriend yourself to that snazzy Blondie over there!!

      2. That sounds good, “smart” phone, for a smart woman.
        By the way, talking about blond girls, gonna have a “chat” with one today and she will probably won´t be able to walk for a couple of days…. 😉 but after I finish in this crappy internet caffe, but at least I can get into the internet and write strange things.
        Behave myself you said?….a bit more than before that is for sure.

        How is it to grow up with at least with one crazy brother that was in the army and deployed? You seem like all your familly has been in the military. Just wondering if you want to answer.
        Hey you…..look!!! 😉 I also forgot to tell you that I suffer from OCF (obsessive compulsive flirt) wich I did write it and post it, so check it out, or check me out

        I like you by the way, or maybe is the “grass” that makes me mellow…so yes I will try my best to…what? behave?

        Love ya soldier girl

      3. At least I hope you will leave little miss Blondie with her ‘right mind’ least of all walking crookedly. Unless you want someone that’s hard to get rid of later.😍😄. As for my immediate family, it’s just my brother and I who joined. Now after he did come home from Kentucky-his last duty station- that man was a wild storm!! He had the worse women complex I had ever seen. He nearly hated women! Not like that (I knew what you thought), he disrespected them to the point if hating their existence. I couldn’t believe he was my brother. That was uhm, 22 years ago. Now, he’s married with a beautiful wife and living in Arizona. He absolutely loves her. I’m the eldest and he’s right under me by 18 months. As for my extended family, I’ve got a long line of cousins who are in every branch of the service. Thinking about it, none of my parent’s brothers and sisters ever served (to my knowledge). My two baby brothers, and sister will never join. Not their forte.
        And sure, I know you flirt. It’s what you do and you can’t help yourself! I don’t know if there is anything you can do about that. OCF, um,humpf, of all the complexities of complicated behaviour you just had to invent a new one!😄😱 smh! Gonna find that post about your “invisible condition” and see if you can get service connected cause truly this must have began then. Right?! Oh well, it was worth a try.
        I like you as well my veteran soldier buddy. It’s a camaraderie that I believe unites us as a community of soldiers and ex- soldiers. Yep, we are the proud, the few, the damaged crew.
        So get out and make the most of your day (or night) while you still can!

      4. Holy shit, that was a long comment. I don´t mind but I am in a crappy internet caffe wich the way the people around did not come from church.
        Number one………..forgot.
        Number 2- 22 years ago you said? Then you are beautifully sexy my …. woman!!!
        Glad your brother is good………hold on! You said he has a wife? fu………….cky that man, what is up with the tough soldier? He is strange
        So I am your date…….. what is it Burger King or the mexican tacos? wackty wacky molly!!!!!

        By the way I am not your fellow veteran, you understand!!!
        I´m your counselour of guidence…. you did notice the name is Charly PRIEST, I wll admit I have my bad things, but I can also admit I have my good things, I can also admit….really? I´m drunk to tell you the truth, by the way if now I remember correcty in the beginning of the comment you said something about a girl, yep, here I am in a crappy internet caffe talking who? YOU Yes, you, I like you

        Love ya you soldier girl

        P.S. You had me with a smile with the comment so thanks since it has been a tough day today, yet again….just life. So thanks

  5. Yeah, I sort of knew that’s what it meant and you paint a picture I can recognise. I think maybe we have a lot of parallels in life, you and I – well, a lot of hostile bars in common, anyway….

  6. Leaving a Happy New Year for Charly. You have visited my poetry site more than once and I appreciate that. I will stay frosty because that is very good advice! Please, the next time you read one of my poems, how about responding with a verbal display and give me a rating at top of page, ok? Cheers! Jackie

    1. I just read one of your poetry, the comment was, since I can’t put it on your blog… “very powerful writing, and that at the end of the poem that you say ‘you talk to the forest'” Thank goodness the forest is full of a bunch of people that like writing and you are giving us a great gift Jackie.

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