Known´s and Unknow´s.

There are known known´s , there are things we know we know. We also know that there are known´s unknown´s that is to say that there are things we don´t know. But there are also unknown´s unknown´s, the ones we know we don´t know.

Everyone got that right? If you didn´t you´re a bit off…….But I´ll let the master of saying a lot without really saying anything explain it to you in 35 seconds. Donald Rumsfeld Unknown Unknowns ! – YouTube

I don´t care about your politics, but you have to give him this, he wen´t outside when the airplane hit the Pentagon and helped for  some minutes with the wounded. And he´s the boss, they should have taken him into an underground bunker right away. That tells a lot about the character of a person regardless of your politics. Plus it made me giggle like a little girl.


      1. See? it´s a mysterious connection we have.
        It´s like all the elements coming together at once and signaling something….not quite sure yet, but something.

      2. You can say it in two contexts.
        1- like saying “you better believe it”
        2- depending of the context of the conversation would be just the contrary “you don´t even believe it”.

      3. haha shut up!!! you will face the same problem!!! Infact more difficult than me!! Coz Hindi is too strange!! We could learn coz are listening to me since our birth!! 😉

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