Fossils of Memory

Great read this book.

Let me tell you a story...

For those who had missed it – Oh yes i am marketing my book  😀

Living a Curse

There are some places on this earth which are remote, thrown aside by nature and are hidden amongst other bigger, popular places of the world. Avina, is surely one such place, shadowed under a constant canopy of dark clouds, promising snowfall, mist and fog. Capital of Crookstown, Anexia, this place is something in itself. Avina is a large city as it has grown up to gulp down the other surrounding cities (Gulero and Luke Land) like molten meadows.  A few decades ago it was quiet and reserved.  The only thing it hosted was colonial buildings and olden huts. But as the years rolled by, it grew bigger. The colonial houses got replaced by high rise buildings and the streets got more crowded and people who once spent most of their time wandering…

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