I love you Sara(poem)



I went from flower to flower until I met you.

Once I met you I thought I would hate you.


A friend introduced us some ten years ago,

and since then I really never have been able to let you go.


I love you Sara.


You where always there, when I cried, when I was angry, you understood me supported me in times of crisis.

You where reliable and never let me down, I hope I never let you down when all that his his started and I´d give you a kiss.


Remember how you helped me and my friends?


For that I will always be grateful and graceful.


People said you where cold,

but not old.

Really you where like gold.


They said you where made of corrosion resistant material,

but screw them you made people crunchy as cereal.

With your five five six you made bad people sick.

But we always got a kick out of it.


I watched through you´re eyes,

not the skies,

but dead bodies and more lies.


You made me cry, laugh, angry, but you where always there I could always count on you.

I love you.

Sara I do.

I sometimes miss you.

images Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.




      1. Thanks, I did read it, which I tend not to read my own posts after I publish it. (I just like the word publish) And it does sound deep actually.

      1. It worked

        You can test the romantic poems on me before you’re going on dates. I promise to tell you when it does work and not….. so you don’t do the mistake Robert de Niro did in taxi driver when chosed the film

      2. I still think he should have chosed a more neutral film for their date….
        that’s me

      1. Noooo, don´t text and drive, and how do you get in wordpress, send me a picture of your phone or better yet send me your phone to Spain.

  1. Well you been had, rather figuratively or in real life it leaves an impression one you can definitely write from. I believe brokenness is a good thing in hindsight of course. While you’re hurt it’s hard to see how strong it makes you later! Have a wonderful day! Keep writing!

    1. Sara was the name of my rifle when I was in the Spanish Legion and deployed, when I say “five five six made people sick” It´s 5.56 caliber bullet. The poem is to my rifle,or the various rifles I had that I always named them Sara after my little sis.

      1. I love that! My family have a rifle with an hexagon shaped chamber. It’s name the Ebony Queen. The first son, inherits it. My brother tried to sell it and of course it’s priceless, so I ended up with it and gave it to my Pa’s gun lovin’ brother when my Pa passed away! Guns are a big thing in my family. I have a loaded shot gun under my bed for unwanted visitors. I’m packin’ LOL 😀 I’m half kidding!

  2. LOVE this! Honorable poem from a soldier to, in all honesty, his best friend – because sometimes it might’ve just been you & Sarah. Inspired writing!!

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