Little angel on the web.(poem)

*Well this is corny*


There is an angel in the world wide web,

she cast her web,

but I can´t find her bed.


Miles and miles apart

and yet she seems so close to my heart.


Don´t know the answer to that,

I guess I´ll just have to tell her I tip my hat to that.


She´s quite a mesmerizing beauty,

plus I like to chat…………………what?!

O yeah, I love that.


She´s smart so she is not a tart.

She smells better than a fart.

Excuse me I had to get back my manlyhood.

And I´m not the best Robin Hood.


Her big beautiful brown eyes,

opposite to my blue eyes as skies where one day we can reach to say these were not lies.

A angelic face, what a grace to see that face as beautiful as seeing Scarface. That´s a movie with no lies..


I never saw a single angel,

will I ever see face to face this human angel?

Even if she is married to a God, so I just nod and think what is that dude doing treating that angel that way, you may have money but you are not God, so I nod, and say I´m like A-Rod compared to you God.


So meeting an angel is a realistic thing to happen……..

Maybe yes maybe no only time will say yes or no.


I said though, I was not the best Robin Hood

but I can from time to time put on a hood……………..

And sweep you into my particular neighbourhood.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Oh you are not! I think the sweet Charly expressing his heart is more healing! Why do you feel to write about death and destruction? What if your heart expression draws this Angel out?

      2. Difficult, but who knows. I was reading it myself and I tend not to read the things that I hang up on the blog, and actually I even thought it wasn´t all that bad. Thanks for reading.

  1. :’) This is incredibly beautiful charly!!!! The most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched, it is felt in the heart 🙂 “Will you ever? I don’t think you will ever fully understand how you’ve touched my life and made me who I am.I don’t think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star.” 😀

  2. in my exprrience- very seldom there is only one feeling like this. Don’t waste time sitting home waitin for a magic thing to happen They don’t.
    Write her a letter, send her a poem to her mail. You can’t fin her bed. No problem. She can find yours.
    I keep my fingers crossed.

      1. Can I ask you to keep your fingers crossed for me today?

        I’m not got at relations and I’m not looking for one …so it’s not about a man or a date…

        Don’t tell anyone…Ok?

        Today I’m going to look at a shop who sells coffe/chocolate and it’s locaded in the center of Stockholm. I’m not going there to buy a cup of coffe….I’m going there because I made up an appointement with the owner to buy the shop/café.

        I have the loan from the bank. The business is small enogh so I can run it myself….and big enough to provide for me..

        So if I can do this you can swim to your loved one.

      2. Thanks! I just got an email that they told me they sold the shop yesterday :-(…
        I’m very disappointed, but there will be another opporunity.
        Thanks again.
        not a fun week….,,

      3. You’re really a good friend out here.
        Have a nice evening- and go after your girl
        love/ L

    1. Still in the middle of the Atlantic swimming, would you get a zodiac, little bit of help over here, I´ll charm you with my Spanish Conquistador blue eye sky ay ay!
      Get the freaking zodiac I´m cold.

      1. I get Wifi, I´m technologically very savy. I think I might have passed by that airline jet that nobody seems to know where the hell it is……cordinates are tell them to come sweeping north-east.

      2. Fighting off sharks, hearing that beeming sound from the black boxes at the same time, coast guard shooting me up, Rambo doesn´t have on me.

        Get the food ready.

  3. Stop talking and swimming. Put yourself on a plane or a boat.
    My god… don’t make it so difficult 🙂
    Remember- if you were about to dance around like that in war- you be dead by know. Right?

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