Philosophy 101… my way or the highway.

Hi, I´m proffessor Charly and today is time for some philosophy. I feel philosophical. I feel like exploring the relativity  theory by…..ME.


There is a difference between being lonely and solitude. I say that you can be alone without feeling lonely. Makes sense? Screw it, I´ll go on. Loneliness is the central and inevitable fact of human existence as we know on earth, so maybe just maybe doesn´t make too much sense to try and find ways to mend it, just to accept and find beauty in it. One can be lonely and whole at the same time.

Relatively, since loneliness is a negative for some people for other not,yet again another relative theory in that, but you go back and think o.k, yes you can be hole and lonely but in a sense can exclude that whole and not making you completely full or wholly.


“I have loved to the point of madness, that which is called madness, that which to me is the only sensible way to love.”

That´s fucked up. Although it sounds good. But whoever said that he was a bit off, a nut job. Love is…I don´t know, feelings that you can´t understand why or explain them effectively is just is what it is. (So many is´s) But I don´t believe in it, sooner or later it disappears, very few keep it until death, and those few, well they are my angels. Go guard heaven. No relativity theory here.


When you feel comfortable with a person because you have something in common, that´s what some people say. I say screw that, it all depends. I´ve been best friends with guys and girls talking about everything depending in the context of the situation I was in. Real friendship, I don´t believe in it. Just like in love. I was friends with people, still am, but relations change meaning friendships change. So what is really friendship, there are various degrees and within those degrees it also varies so again it´s all relative how you see friendship.


If you are a person of God you have not to fear it. Yet again people of God do fear death, why would they if they are better off in eternity? Playing poker with the Man, having a few laughs. Why would anybody fear death, or any believer fear death. Apparently it all comes down to being human. So relatively being human is an obstacle to being a believer since we have human instincts which is to fear death. So death and God are relatively intertwined in a matter that can exclude each other or not.


There is nothing relatively about it, that´s the good thing about this. You either like it or not. You either get it up or it stays down looking at the floor. Sex is a pure as anything can get.


So I guess the premise of my thesis is that everything in life is relative, you can argue and contra-argue about anything, except SEX. You like it or not, up or down. Period.

That was inspirational.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. i loved what you said about being lonely!!! I know that i can relate to it!! Your definition of friend, i will try and change, only time would decide, About love, yes its so honest and i love your word there!!! Death, i do fear death, actually, i fear old age more than death, it’s like i wish to die t 45 so i don’t have to face the old age…,. Over all!!! Beautiful words carlos :D, yes i prefer Carlos over Charly!!! This made me think!! Thank You

    1. I don´t know who you´re talking about when you say Carlos, it´s not Carlos. My real name the one in the passport is Charlie, but I changed it to Charly for ridiculous purposes. Sorry about your confusion.

      Thanks for the kind words, I don´t know if I´ll ever even make it to 45 but if I do, we can commit suicide together when we reach that old old age.

      What do you prefer, jumping out a bridge? a high rise window? Stabbing each other? Shooting each other in the head at the same time? Drowning? Choking? Man I´m getting confused with so many options.

      I prefer that you shoot me in the back of the head when I don´t expect it.

      1. Yes!!! Cutting veins, I like that, blood everywhere. Specially if you do it sitting in a white carpet….imagine the contrast between white and red. I would take a picture of it. Good idea, going to do a try it latter on as a test. I can tell you the results when I´m finished, see how deep you have to cut, how many minutes you need to loose sufficient blood to start going unconscious……there are several things you have to take into consideration.

      2. O.k, just finished my experiment. If you give me your email I can send you the pictures I took of myself cutting the veins on top of a white rug while I chewed on my dog´s ear. I don´t know why I did the last part, but the ear I´m telling you it taste good. Plus I was getting dizzy from watching my own blood pouring out that I had to fiddle with something to distract me and the dog´s ear was right next to me so I ate a little chunk of it. Quite taste actually.

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