Can they legalise murder, please.

DownloadedFile-1 Can you imagine if they legalised murder…..that would be great.

I have a theory.

People will be much more happier when they legalise murder.

You´re walking down the street and you see a woman getting robbed….just take your gun and blow the bastard away. She´ll feel much better.

You´re walking around and you see a woman being sexually violated…again take out your gun and blow the idiot away. She´ll be happy happy.

You´re next door neighbour is pissing you off with his stupid dogs barking at the wee hours of the morning, just kill the dogs and the owner. You´ll regain your sleeping habits and be a much more productive person instead of waking up all groggy and with no strength.

Your spouse is giving you a hard time….just kill her or him. Why go through the hassles of divorce when you can just get rid of them in a fast manner.

Your crazy ex girlfriend, talking about myself now, is still calling you after more than a year…..kill her. I would be making her a favour since that way she won´t have to spend so much money on  the cell phone.

You have sex with a girl and she says she got pregnant because of you….just kill her. You´d be making her a favour since she would be living latter on a miserable life with a kid she didn´t want to have with that father. And you also would be making the kid a favour. Who wants to be born as a bastard? Nobody. Win win situation.

You go to the bank to get a loan and the guy denies it, just strangle him to death in the middle of the bank. I´m sure that by doing so the other tellers in the bank will think twice when you finish killing this guy and then go ask for a loan to another guy.

Your having sex and the girl complains about your sex magic…shoot her dead. The next one will probably tell you how great you are.

Your parents are giving you a hard time because they say you don´t perform well in school….you know what to do kids. Just kill them. You´ll be rid of that annoying voice of your mother telling you that you are grounded and you can play the Xbox or whatever they play now a days for the rest of your days.

You don´t like your president…..rub him off then! They´ll put another one that does what you want.

People will feel so much better, and the families of the dead people then they will kill you and then they will heal their hearts. I just don´t know why they don´t legalise murder.

Just a random thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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