I´m a non profit organisation!(pic´s)

DownloadedFile-2 And that´s why I was born. I was born not a normal kid though, since and early age I was already thinking about partyimages-2 but I did have a good taste for wines though. I grew up a little and tried to help dad in every manner possibleimages-5maybe I was a bit confused as to how to help our elderly but he did have a good time, he lived happy happy happy man. Then he died, but he died with a laugh. Just my little contribution without expecting nothing in return. I spend some time with girls who had lost their track in life also and where going through some rough moments or they where a bit misguidedDownloadedFile but after they had spend several weeks with me and got to know my dog who is a lovely creatureDownloadedFile-3 they started to realise that they lacked something in life, specially when I started speaking randomly DownloadedFile-1 they got this spark in their eyes a spark that made them realise that they needed a shift and find someone better  someone who truly fulfilled themimages-7 because they finally realised thisimages-8

So I did my contribution to humanity, for the other sex so they could finally be happy as a hypo and I didn´t expect anything in return. That´s just me. Your welcome.Foto 198

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. o.k, you made me go to google and look up the word byronic, something about the romanticism in some old century it said.

      I´m a romantic, I know. You wan´t roses or petals when I get to rome?

      Now since I just saw your other comment about that “poem” I have to say….hold on cuse I don´t remember.

  1. Vivid and fresh writing. I like the touch of realism and confidence behind the words. Really good writing.

    By the way… Me and my oldest son listened to Bruce for two hours this evening – and I told him that you told me that I had an issue with Bruce. 🙂 we decided that you were right.

      1. Yes, he said I should listen to you- since you’re the one of us three who’s studying at the university :-)…
        ( remember the pick-up line you used on the girls in the bar ? Wich my son thought was brilliant;-)

      2. Perhaps, but I still like you 🙂

        We all have characters to play on our journey, the Playboy, the serious one, the funny one, the anxious one

        But behind everything we are who we are

      3. THIS time I won’t take you serious…..
        well you have to picture MY smile – not the one of the yellow guy!

      4. Yes, it took it’s time..maybe all good things do..

        Now it’s 18 degrees and flowers everywhere and the Swedes get a bit crazy days like this and – happier, sitting at the cafés on the streets and also desparate to get some sun -before the bliss is over…

        How is the weather in Madrid?

      5. Sunny here, and me reading through blogs and blogs. Would like to read them all but seems I only have 24 hours in a day….Going to ask God to extend it, see what he says.

      6. Ask him from me ( I will ask him too) that you keep on feelling fine and I think the blogreading comes naturally…

        I had a friends friend ( actually my ex husbands friend, I don’t know why friends friend sounded better…anyhow) he was depressed. he sat in a chair all day deeply depressed – doing nothing….
        His issue…he found out that even if he would turn 100 – he wouldn’t have time to read all the books that was written in the world….

        What do ypu say to a guy like that? Cheer up?…I mean…meanwhile he was sitting not doing anything at all…he missed a lot of reading…

        So read and love and live and write in your pace and things will turn out good

      7. Do you take long walks in the surroundings around your house with your dogs?

    1. It´s all, loooove for the human beings of the opposite sex.

      By the way, read your post on electric vehicles, that was an interesting one, like all the others really. You´re going to win the pulitzer of journalism one of these days. Remember to thank me for helping you out. 😉

      Have a great weekend Nicole.

  2. Since I am old enough to be your mother, I feel confident in saying you qualify as a good man, Charly. I suspect any number of women have told you this before. :0)

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