Summer love. (prompt)

Another great prompt by……..#FWF Free Write Friday: First Kiss | Kellie Elmore

It was finally over, no more exams, no more waking up at seven in the morning, no more homework, no more worries about grades, overall, no more going to school. Summer had come and I felt as a free bird, with the exception of not worrying about  someone trying to shoot me out of the sky. But I was free, free to fly in other directions, free of worries and free to experiment new things.

“Are we going to your pool today?” I asked Raul.

It was a hot dry Saturday, the first day of summer vacation and our little gang from the town where I lived will always go to the public pool in town. But Raul had his own pool, and I asked, but really all the other eleven people of the gang wanted it. Free from the life guards telling us we couldn´t jump in this place or that place or not splash or to flips, just putting more constrain on our new found freedom.

“My parents will probably go out after lunch. So we meet this afternoon at my house” He finally answered. It did take him quite some time to give that answer, after everyone complained subtly and not so subtly about how great it would be to have our own pool. And me, being me, wasn´t so subtle, so I just blurted it out  from sheer frustration.

I had a crush on Elisa, a girl from town. I was thirteen, she was fifteen and quite physically developed and the girls would finally be in swimming suits. Elisa was the girl who I most talk to. Even when we where in a group all eleven of us playing cards or playing with the soccer ball or making wooden houses in the trees, messing around with other people’s property, just being kids.

No texting or social media then, so we loved the outside. We would make bunker´s and play weird strange versions of hide and seek in the middle of the dry expansion of land that seemed to go on towards eternity, or play spin the bottle or truth or dare. That was our little world and in that little world and although we where all friends you where closer to some of them rather than others. Elisa was one of them. I had known her since I was nine, she was two years older and she treated me as her younger brother. But now at age thirteen almost fourteen strange hair had started growing in parts of my body that I never though hair should grow.

We played together, she mostly teased me, we´d laugh together, there was just no  worries in life when we had fun together. I knew her parents, she knew mine, we all really knew everything about each other. We where the gang without guns. A lovable gang.

At five p.m, me and three others went to Raul´s house. We pushed the button and heard the ring. We hoped her mother wouldn´t come out screaming, like she sometimes did, telling us to go away that he was studying. But the door opened and Raul was standing there with a big smile on his face, with him swim suit on and drenched in water.

“Come on, move,come on.” He said all excited. Me and the rest of the guys looked at each other and made some faces as in saying `what´s wrong with this guy now?´ Raul quickly turned around and started hopping the stairs of his garden to the back of the house where the pool was. We followed him as close as possible. Something new was up was our guess. And when we turned the corner there we saw the girls in their bathing suits, water flowing from the skin soaking the towels they were laying on top off.

Next thing, we all grabbed the five girls and threw them into the pool along with all the insults and complains that where spouted at us. We all laughed. We where in the summer, the happiest people in the world. Our little world, we didn´t know there where other types of worlds. We followed quickly and jumped into the water, started splashing at them, putting their head under the water for a couple seconds and letting loose, they jumped on us also, a fragile war ensued. I decided to swim under water until I reached the legs of Elisa and pulled her under. She could see me, a bit fuzzy under the water, little bubbles of air escaped her thick lips, she kicked and I let her go. All the afternoon was like that. By eight p.m we decided to stop horsing around and play cards until dinner time, which was at nine thirty. It´s Spain.

We all sat down on a circle, some of the girls didn´t want to play cards so they laid with their head resting in some of the guys knees. Elisa chose to rest her head in my knee, she complained and told me to straighten the leg. An unfomfortable position to play cards on the green grass. She started caressing her fingers through my thigh. I had now some hairs and she would pinch them and I would call her out and then pinch her in the belly. I had lost all appetite for the card game. I just wanted to be alone with her.

At nine p.m she said she was going. We all complained, she still had half an hour left. She said, that after dinner at ten thirty she´d meet us at the `stop sign´. We where let loose after dinner from ten thirty to twelve thirty at night. She lived about half a kilometer from me. She said if I could take her home in my scooter.At that time we could get a scooter or any motorcycle under 50cc with fourteen years old. I just got one a little earlier and my parents warned me about not living town with it. Which I didn´t . I took her home, and I felt her breast leaning against my back, her arms wrapping my waist, her face resting on my right shoulder. In those days wearing a helmet was not a big concern. I dropped her at her house, she got off the bike and gave me a kiss in the lips. She quickly turned around and with a smile in her face said, “see you at ten thirty at the stop sign.” And I sat on my bike, not knowing exactly what had happened just staring at her back as she walked to the entrance of her house door. I turned the bike around, now the air was a little cooler, the sun had gone down but there was still light out, I drove the bike to my house letting the fresh air hit my face and the little smile I had on that face. Now I had only had to wait for an hour, of me having to sit around the table with my torturous parents until it was ten thirty. Man did that hours seemed like an eternity. Uncertainty as to what I should do or say in an hour eclipsed any conversation with my parents. Butterfly´s where roaming around my belly, butterfly´s of excitement of the unknown.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Oh to be young again. Today’s youth is missing the great outdoors, where magic and discovery happened. Very nice story.

    1. Yep, we now only have texting robots, inside robots staring at a computer screen for hours playing videos and really nobody can live without a cell phone.

  2. Carlos, what a lovely story and the details brought me with your friends in the spirit of young love, freedom and innocence…such lovely summers to remember. Beautifully written!!

      1. I did Charly 🙂 Thank you!! Working on the piece inspired indirectly by you (during my response to one of your comments), though gotta go to bed soon – eyes feel like sandpaper 🙂 Hope you have an awesome day!!! ☮

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