I´m in the know…so I´ll let you know.

You follow my advice….and your set for life.

-Make a choice, like…just decide!!

-If you are obsessed with security you can´t do nothing.

-Once I start I do not stop.

-Get up and stay up.

-Live for a reason and then there´s a reason to live.

-Breast feeding reduces women´s risk for breast cancer. You know what to do now ladies!

-The truth will set you free…..that´s stupid. The truth will make you see things much better but that other shit about setting you free I doubt. But it does make a good quote I guess.

-Limits like fears are often an illusion….that´s a screwed up quote too. For me is important to know what your limits are, everyone has his or her own limits and fear? Fuck, I know fear real well and fear kept me alive and dandy, sort of dandy but alive. Plus fear in everyday life is good if you channel it the right way, if you see fear as a challenge to overcome. Screw that quote, my rational is much better.

-Your natural talented skills will only be developed by hours and hours of pounding on your craft.

-Why the term “As greedy as a pig”? Well, it all started with an Irish gangster who would kill his enemies. That´s sort of a given really, doesn´t all gangsters kill people they don´t like. Anyways, this guy would chop the body in six parts, two legs, two arms, one head(fuck imagine if there where more)and then the torso left. In order to dispose of the body he would have a pig farm with 16 pigs and he would throw the pieces of the body where the pigs where and in two minutes the pigs would go through every bone of the body. Hence the expression, as greedy as a pig.

-It´s foolish to mourn those who died fighting for freedom, we should thank God they once lived. I´m not very certain of that, I fought and I´m not quite sure if God is liking me all that much. But still is a cool saying.

-Communication often ends up in miscommunication.

-Equal opportunity merchant of death….that sounds bad ass. It´s from the movie Lord of War, go see it.

-No matter what, when, how, every woman can be swept of the feet with the right broom.

-Depth of commitment until death….this one very few people will ever grasp it.

-For every action you must expect a reaction….the trick, measure your action and be prepared for possible scenarios of the reaction.

-Chaos has some order to it…..Read the Chaos Theory !

-Those who say they can and those who say the can´t are usually both right.

-Kansas City Shuffle…..know about this one? I make you look right while I go left and then….then there´s an unexpected reaction on your part and a prepared action had been by me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I agree with all of these! The security one, especially. You see those people who have insane security systems in their homes – my view is if someone really wants to get inside your house, they’ll find a way, alarm or not.

    1. I just got the quote from a documentary called “Nazi hunters” on National Geographic. But I guess you can apply it in “normal” life,since in life nothing is secure,not your job, not your relationships, not anything except death, then you can be paralised by the situations.

  2. The Kansas City Shuffle? Never heard of it and I think you invented it? Sounds fun 🙂
    …well depending on the prepared actions that follows…

    1. Never heard of Kansas City Shuffle? See the movie “Slevin” or just go to youtube and type Slevin and kansas city shuffle. It´s in the first scene of the movie.

      1. Now I’ve seen the first scene and it was a bit less playful as I first thought.
        No peek-a-boo

        Good to learn something new

      2. haha, you finally saw Mr. Bruce Willis doing the Kansas City shuffle. It´s a good movie, I promise you the end you won´t even guess, it´s a great twist. I think your son will love it, not kidding. A bit of action, blood, guns, and a good plot with good characters, he´ll like it. I bet that if you buy him the dvd or rent it, he´ll be happy to see it.

      3. 🙂 I will tell him. He asked me the other day if I had a film to recommend. He likes watching movies. He is in this summervacation mood – watching films on his computer screen, with a coke beside him 🙂 I tell him tomorrow about this one 🙂

      4. Now I want to see it too. My son is coming home this weekend- so I’m going to buy something good to eat and -,we’re going to see this movie 🙂

      5. By the way. I’m quit good at seeing how a movie will end….

        But I take your word for that this is not an easy ending. It shall be interesting

      1. Aaww…thanks but I have replied to your previous comments…and dont you sleep…I mean it must be late out there…

      2. Man am I getting confused, i hit the word Aarya and brings me to this blog, I hit the word Veda and also brings me to this blog.
        You are two then managing the blog!

      3. I need to get up to speed right now with this social media….. Actually I am the one who needs someone who manages my blog and makes look a little more “professional”

      4. Plz hire one for me too…I suck at social networking I dont find it appealing…and Veda I tell you…she is a lazy ass…never listens to me and so I dont have any option…I have to manage my blog 😦

  3. really great post Charly – the quotes and your take on them….
    and my fav is

    “Live for a reason and then there´s a reason to live.”

    also – did you ever hear of the show called Monk? well it used to be my favorite show – and in one episode (Mr. Monk joins a cult- http://monk.wikia.com/wiki/Mr._Monk_Joins_a_Cult)

    well they have a saying that reminded me of this post…

    when the cult has followers “read the book” they follow it by saying, “The more you know, the less you don’t know…” ha!

    1. Monk…the neurotic monk, and the bastard always solved the cases.

      The more you know the less you don´t know….I can spin it and say that the more you know the more questions you have about what you have discovered thereby you know less. But that´s just a spin.

      I have one little quote ” I was born not knowing and have little time to change that here and there.”

      1. My last name is Priest, so you got to understand that the word of God comes through me………that´s what they say anyways, not to sure about it myself.

  4. “It’s impossible,”
    said pride.
    “It’s risky,”
    said experience.
    “It’s pointless,”
    said reason.
    “Give it a try,”
    whispered the heart.
    -author unknown

  5. Hi again,
    I told my son about “Slevin” – he has already seen it at he thought it was a really great movie

      1. I will see it this weekend.
        My son didn’t tell the ending. He said
        “As a huge fan of Game Of Thrones I cautious of not telling spoliers”

      2. 🙂 that was a sweet compliment on a level I really appreciate
        Because i’ looking forward to see this movie this weekend (with some snacks( sallad) on the table. :-). And you know it.
        I let you know what I think after I seen it

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