Hail to the king(poem)

Spain has a new king
we let the bells ring
our hearts pour with pride
our emotions run high

he´s not our ruler
we are not his servants
he´s not an intruder

the country is divided
two regions want out and not be provided
so he is the nucleus of us united

in came the new king
his composure when adressing the nation impecable
he looks at us and says to us

our generation
that is my and our destination
in came the king
bells ring
we sing
hail to the king!


  1. I didn’t know that you got a new king. Typical swedes, we know nothing about what happens south of Denmark- IF it’s not news about some war in a country where the US have forces.
    To be honest- i thought at first the poem was about you… You have such good self confidence in your posts… So I assumed that this was one of those 😉
    Them a little bell rang in my head… Why don’t I check the news more often?
    Even if the king doesn’t rule the country or people- it’s still good for the people to gather and celebrate something positive

    1. Juan Carlos I, the first king abdicated after some scandals surrounding some of the family members, there´s quite some tension among Cataluña, and the Vasc country which they want to separate from Spain, so this was, as everything in those types of situations, was a calculated move to bring in the new handsome younger more hip if you will king, his son, which know his son our king is Felipe VI in to the thrown to divert attention from the crown scandals and at the same time to stabilise the country, the message in his speech is that even though Spain is very diverse and has three languages, he did point out quite smoothly that the official language was Spanish or castellano,and that under our constitution we as Spaniards respect the other languages and that our different cultures is what makes us great as ONE nation.

      So the speech was to basically send a message to Catalonia (Catluña in Spanish) and the Vas Country that he as the new king is behind the rest of the population that don´t want those two regions to come independent, not even most people of those two regions want it either, but a minority is in power now and they do not consider themselves Spanish.

      what a fucking rant about politics, did that bore you?

      1. Not at all. The opposite around. It reminds me of the days when I lived in Barcelona and the people from ETA put bonbs in a supermarket, so many innocent people got injured and killed and this because of that the wanted their region to be independent.
        What a lousy method. We were all afraid of the attentats that happened here and there in Barcelona.
        And very often the police stopped every car to search through the cars.
        And this fight for independence was 1986!

      2. And they started it in the late 60´s and they still continue, except that now it´s worst since the socilist government reached a pact with them to appease them and there are ETA militants now in the parliament. So that´s great. They have a saying as to who and for what our taxes go to. And they still haven´t laid down their weapons these terrorist.

      3. Maybe it’s a political move of smoothness to bring them in to the parlament. But I yhink it’s morally wrong. Thise people who are killing innoscent shall be put on an island somewhere, where they can spend their time killing other terrorists.

      1. I knew you knew that you would make me say it…….

        Nope, never have written poetry in Spanish, and never will. Except for one occasion now that I think about it, for my mother´s birthday this year I wrote her a poem. Corny, she herself was a bit off thinking what the hell is going on with this nut job. Other than that no. And as a matter of fact I just started writing poetry this past months, since I found wordpress and found reading other poets enjoyable, I picked some things here and there and decided to give it a try myself. And now I´m addicted to it.

      2. I started writing poetry 2 yrs after I started my blogs and once in a while I like to try in French although it is not my mother tongue, I speak it daily just never went to French school. Well, glad you are addicted to writing or rather than your muse finally found you:) Have a great day…it’s 7am here.

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