I knew it! women are nuts.

This is the beauty of having a yahoo account, another day  in the process of signing out of the email and…… ta ta, I see this hotty here. A bit off in the head he is if you ask me, bit off to say the least, but seems that if you ask women….nope, he´s the perfect man to marry. Have a bunch of his kids, go figure how much the murder rate will increase, but he is hotter than Brad Pitt….I´m sounding to gay here.



    1. Hey Nicole, I still don´t know what´s the appeal, granted his a nice looking guy, but common this guy is seriously dangerous and he´s having a blast with all the naughty letters he´s receiving from women.

      All though being that pretty in prison he might have some issues with other inmates. Good.

    1. All the best women are gay…..well convert then!! At least do it for me. I´m a big teddy bear, or just adopt me what the hell. Just need 500$ a month, room , and I can by my own food and cook myself plus my pack of cigarettes a day. That would leave my quite a few dollars to spend in bars and women 🙂

  1. He is dangerous and no intelligent women would go near him….This is something that happened to that Australian pilot as well who was in charge of finding Missing Malaysian Plane. Though he was not a bad boy ofcourse and not his mugshot but his media image was so popular that girls across the globe were going mad “Including ME” lol!!! HE literally became an internet celebrity overnight!!! :):) !! BTW i do agree with the title at-least that “Girls do like Bad Ass guys” 😉 😉 Winks!!!!

    Check it here – http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/royal-australian-air-force-flight-lieutenant-russell-adams-is-the-talk-of-the-internet-after-leading-the-search-for-malaysia-airlines-mh370/story-fn907478-1226862359007

    1. You just sent me a pic of a air force pilot just searching….what a hero. Also, why in the world would I want to see a guy in the first place and second a guy from the air force since we in the infantry used to think of them as pussies and second why a guy and not send me a picture of a cute pilot that´s a woman. Better yet a naked woman piloting a jet not a cargo or search plane or whatever this pussy is doing there sitting in a comfy chair just staring around looking for scraps of metal. And is great the media paid so much attention to him when there where about 200+ bodies missing, whatever happened to those bodies….forgot, dead bodies are not a good sight to see or the suffering of the families of each and every one is not that cool as seeing a pretty girly pilot, what a stress full job that was to sit in an airplane and stare.

      And you like bad boys? I´ll give you bad boy, turn around……smack! Who is your daddy now?

  2. Yes Charly – some women are not just nuts, but fucking stupid . . . enough said. Never let my hormones lead me around (read the article, laughed at that part) & this Meeks dude now has over 98,000 likes on his FB mugshot page (& I read some of the comments) – amazing . . . and I don’t mean that in a good way either. But I’m sure he will most likely be quite popular in prison . . .
    Have a great day 🙂

    1. I actually did hit the link to the FB account, couldn´t believe those girls, and I´m quite certain these girls, most of them are somewhat well off and never been with these types. Saw how the pictures of the idiot with the kid, which actually I think we should lock up the kid right now since that thing the probabilities of him ever being a productive member of society are quiet small, so just lock him up now and we have one little gangster less running around.

      The comments of some girls….couldn´t believe it.

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