I´m Himerus so screw Cupid.(pic´s)

Yes, you heard me right. I´m not a real priest I´m Hiemrus the Greek God of sexual desire. I and I think cupid is doing a disservice to the world. First of all he is not this cute little boy DownloadedFile-7now you know why I hate him in part. And not only for his physique, it´s because he created this concept this elusion that usually is not true which it that one of “True love”, it´s a fake concept to confuse humanity, love is as true as you think it is….so there is no true love. So he really has made women miserableimages-9and they too hate him.Although this girl is one of the few who thinks straight. Sorry butimages-2. Anyways, I´m just warning people both male and female because it seems to me what he does it´s a bit over the edge bordering if what psychologist term as psychopathDownloadedFile-8. It´s no wonder woman have started going to the armory and there has been a increase in gun sales images.  He´s doing a disservice to humanity so I the great Himerus have to step inDownloadedFile-3 and try to correct things and really shut this idiot down so enough of him,he´s goneimages-10.


I have two forms, my godly form and my humanly form, which either way are both appealing and women get it, they even study it in the universityimages What´s happening now is that some women and men I should point out are a bit off the radar with all the gadgets we have now a days, people are constantly looking at the palm of their hand mesmerised by something that I don´t understandDownloadedFile-4. That goes for men too. And there are other men that are also a bit off to tell you the truthimages-5 come on, what are you men thinking didn´t I have teach you enough already? Once I go willy willy wink wink, you have to go back to getting smarter.

This is what happens to me when I enter the world as a GodDownloadedFile-6 I will admit it gets a bit over the top and scary, but you have to man up and keep moving forward just spreading the love. Although is nothing new to tell you the truth it´s been going on for agesimages-8and no, they where not seeing Elvis, that was me on stage giving a speech at Harvard. I thought they would be nice girls in Harvard but they seemed to go a bit nuts when I entered the stage and started speaking. I told them about Cupid and all but they just where in going for me like nuts. Then I have my other me, the human meIMG_1234 which is wonderful and the background I created that myself with a patriotic American shirt, I went “Puff” and that cover behind me and the dog house appeared and girls when the saw that you know…DownloadedFile-5they where so amazed and actually I felt a bit bad for them but it was tears of joy. Guys, I´ll tell you something you want wiky wiky bam bam and make them become a cougarimages-7that´s her, the girl I´m with right now, she´s funny, sexy,smart, and love sports because of thisDownloadedFile-3 hold on I forgot, hey nobody is perfect even the Gods of sexuality what can I say…….yep, I remember now here is tipDownloadedFile-2 you have to do it, funky chicken dance and also she has to see you healthyFoto 147 although once in a while she has to see you as a bad boyDownloadedFile-1 well maybe that´s a bit harsh, but one of these it is o.k to doFoto 46. Bad boy cigarette time. Marlboros if possible and tell her turn around you have something on your back……………..SMACK! Who´s your daddy now!! Tell me, tell meeee!!!. So know you know me Himerus and the secret to my success and the failure of that slum Cupid.

Stay Frosty gent and gentesses.




      1. I´m trying, visa delay. I will. One day when you least expect it I´ll sweep you off your feet, and if you´re married at least for some hours.

      1. What´s up with people now writing acronyms of acronyms, it´s confusing. Well, gf? then I like my blogger gf very much, look how much since now I have learned to do this for you…. ❤

      2. I´m saying my phrase was corny not yours about the seeing my heart and sending me back the flower.
        But your welcome to my basement any time, you won´t want to get out after you have a taste of me but that´s up to you….. 😉

        Gotta run now. You just woke up, and here is 6:30 p.m, have been at the computer for most of the day and now somebody in my house is yelling for something for me to do….and I´m the fucking cripple here.

        So wake up, drink a lot of milk, don´t drive while holding scissors and…..a big kiss from Spain. Love you blogger gf. (don´t let that distract you though)

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