White versus Black. The great revelation.

“Hey man!”
” What?”
“You´re black.”
“You´re white.”
“I said your white idiot”
“I said you where black ”
” yeah, I´m black”
“Told you”
“And I told you you´re white”
” Yeah, I am”
“Fuck, that hurts, what was that all about?”
“Holy shit, you´re bleeding red”
“No shit, what did you expect. And why the fuck did you just stabbed me!”
“I don´t know, haaaaaa! What did you punch me in the nose!”
“I just felt like it….moron you just stabbed me, so I´m getting back at you.”
“Shit, I´m bleeding…and it´s red!”
“Holy, so we both bleed red……..”
They just sit there staring at each other and then,
“Yeah, wasssssuuuuup!”

This great piece of art was inspired by another blogger, which does seem to have some racial issues. Seems everything it happens to him or her in life, it´s because of race. Always blame race. Of course there are racist, as well as ass holes, idiots, smarts, bunch of people. But overall, just take responsibilitly for what you do what you fail to do, and if life is not fair, stop crying about it constantly. Says a wise man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Reminds me of a three cornered arguement I was in with our West Indian neighbour and an African (from Africa) bar owner. The neighbour and I were complaining to him about the noise his customers made out in the street and I got a bit of anti-white abuse and reminders about the slave trade—yes, I know, it’s hardly relevant but some people like to use race as an excuse. My West Indian neighbour laid into him and reminded him “You know why I’ve got no patience with that kind of bullshit? Because it’s us West Indians who are descended from slaves. You Africans were the ones who sold us into slavery!”

    1. That´s some story, which I had no idea about that history if it´s true or not, but quite a story and tell you the truth a bit ironic, two guys fighting about who was the slave first…go figure.

      Last time I checked the U.S does have a black president. And he won by a land side the first election and even with all the scandals of his administration he´s overall approval in not under 40%. So all that race thing? Yes they´re racist there in the U.S in Spain and in other countries. But that role of always pinning down your problems because of the colour of your skin, I don´t buy it and it send a message to other people of being the victims and oppressed and that you are in that bad situation because of the colour of your skin so is not really your fault for not being able to get out of some shitty life. Or forget about shitty life, this blogger actually is an alumni from a very prestigious university and the comments he/she was telling me I just couldn´t believe that such a smart person would actually believe that. Specially a person with a job that makes her/he richer than the average person. I thought he/she was bullshitting at first, and then I realised not so.

      And all because the person in the last post wasn´t invited to give a speech in Harvard University. Harvard! I´m quite certain that there where a lot of different nationalities and colours out there that where in the waiting list and didn´t make it. It´s Harvard, quite a select group.

      So the absurdities of the ramblings the person was saying was quite fascinating for me to hear.

      Not saying that people of colour still have some problems, but come on, I don´t believe the majority of the U.S population is racist, sure there are racist like here in Spain, but not the majority. So the role of the victim does not help anybody. Plus it can do quite the contrary, just normal people with no prejudice piss them off, not race, but the person who is saying such things

  2. Yes – we all bleed red . . . and if I recall correctly, share 90+% of the same DNA (I think it’s more like 98%, but wasn’t exactly sure, so left some wiggle room in my percentage for error)! I like the way you made your point – simplistic, but undeniable!! All in all, great post!!

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