It is Saturday fife fifteen p.m and I´m bored
I feel the need to score
an outlet
going nuts inside this house
need something

I just wrote like a ladder but backwards
always going the other side
against the tide
my mental tide that is
so be it in his, miss.

It´s been twenty days
of nothing and a lot of things
twenty days of constant beatings
on my writings
but temptation to go out
and scout
and go into the bar
give me another scar
but I need a fucking outlet.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. 😉 say arse, I like that word. Not ass, but arse…..has a nice ring to it. Can you say arse hole? Doesn´t sound good if you add the second word, but just by it´s own…..makes me smile

      2. On my pinboard above my desk I have a Post It saying: it’s ARSE not ass. Very important to get it right.

      3. Just makes me giggle like a little girl when I hear it being said by some English or Australian in this case. It´s just funny how it comes out.

        I´ll graffiti it on my wall on top of the laptop.

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