he said it could be done
and some
most people thought it was dumb
and some

He said yes
they said no

he then asked and listened
they talked and minds hinged

He slowly said:

there was once this little kid who looked at the stars,
he knew on day he would be able to touch one,
that little kid grew up and finally got one
he´s now in front of you,
with beard and ask´s you,what are you sitting on top?

Stay Frsosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Trying to write poetry…
        I´m actually about to read your last post, hope your kid is doing better. Helping choose you next tatoo…..I´ll keep reading now and see what wise advice I can give 🙂

      1. You didn´t understand, I was being sarcastic. You said “beautiful” I replied ” I know”, first as in saying of course it is beautiful how can it not be if I wrote it then I added “kidding” to make completely sure completely there was no misunderstanding and finally I finished with “thank you” and then I added a this . (period) I can be more redundant if you want. Are we clear now?

    1. Man, I try to be an intellectual poet….. and you guys seem to read more of the comments.

      You´re at work you said? Bad worker you are, probably acting as if your immerse in some fascinating work related thing and you´re actually not doing so.That does offend me…slackers 😉

      Just curios, what type of work?(no need for response)

      1. I apologise, I’m just not the intellectual type. haha.

        Hey now! I still work, I’ve been really busy this morning actually – it’s just easy and I get done in 1 hour what takes everyone else a day haha.

        It’s okay, nothing glamourous, I work as Sales Support at an oriental food manufacturer. I like, go see customers, present the food, travel around, help the account managers, get free food. It’s cushty. 🙂

      2. You´re a truly multitasker, selling your products while eating them on the travel….

        Really, that´s some good gig you have. And as of right now I´m reading your last post, which I don´t know who needs anger management the most, you or me.

      3. That I am!

        Ha. I used to be a lot more aggressive, so I’m thinking if I made it through that without going to anger management I should be fine for now.

        Besides, now I have a great channel for my anger I couldn’t have before 🙂

  1. This poem makes me dream and feel like a girl with visions again. I’m going to look up to the sky tonight, for a star to look at,so maybe I can fall asleep with better dreams. Really strong and beautiful poem Charly.

      1. You know what …Your words became my two stars this evening – Thank you for being out there in the sky –
        litting stars and messing with PETA….
        love ya

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