Is was makes the world go round and round
but wait
you just bit the bait
go round and round in circles without reaching no common ground.

College should teach rational communication
easy peasy goes so easy like this
detach emotion, then
analyse words
analyse thoughts
analyse history
analyse analyse
and then,
you may even get paralysed.

As much as rational analysis
if the receptor goes
to some wild preconceived emotional paralysis
then nothing eventually goes.

For the most part
those individuals who proclaim themselves to be open minded crussade seekers
of they´re great morals
so all other morals are obviously inmorals
or maybe is just their act
so that is quite an art by their part.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. I’m no doctor – but I promise you that no neurons are missing in that sharp brain of yours. Very nice poem!

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