Hot, tired…of doing nothing and something

same routine,

day in and day out

i just walk about

writing and reading throughout.

No outlet in sight

there´s the need of adrenaline

go out and cross some line


neurons going into dark places

where there are no spaces

for good nature faces


of routine and routination

tired of this nation

head is a partition

just neurons frustration.

Bottle in my nation

outlet from frustration

party goes the nation

but nothing will, turn out well

if  end up in the well

but neruons are still in frustration

need to fuck some soul

i need to drink some bottle of whatever,

staring at my house, dogs, family,

day in day out

i should be grateful

and am

but I guess neurons are

mixed up, or not, or fucked

and need outlet of evil intent

or just some party intent

or just brake the routine intent.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


    1. Did it came off as if I was writing about me?…..o.k I was, still frustrated though. I know the weekend is coming and all but it´s a long commulative of things.

      1. Hi there, a bit late with the reply…I did do something out of my comfort zone or not so much now a days. Spend some cool days in the cool hospital.

  1. I can so relate these days . . . for awhile now actually . . . my soul & neurons need some excitement & change of pace, too!!! Not necessarily “evil intent,” but a little devilish adventure might definitely be in order 😉 Hope your weekend is eventful – in a good way!!!

      1. Glad all is well – I was getting a little concerned when you disapeered for a bit, that’s more like me than you. Thought you might have some family stuff going on (assumed from one of your posts). Take care, Charly!!

    1. Hi there, sorry for the delay response had some personal problems. Appreciate the nomination, but you thinking of my writing…..that´s enough nomination for me.

  2. It’s another friday here om Stockholm. Extremely hot weather and I’m just sitting watching the sun go down. I hope you’re having a really nice weekend. love ya and read ya

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