I´m back,so snap!(poems)

*Been in a dark place for some days, so I decide to take out a pen and paper, or maybe I robbed it…anyways just wrote two stupid little  things in about 10 days. Sorry I can´t read you more cause that´s my university, my university online.*



I´m a petal with no tree


I think I like myself even more


I skydive, problem though

no parachute but…I´m cute.



I understand that,

there is no stand sorry,

there is a stand

but nothing there for the hand.

As the saying goes……I forgot

but I still like hoes.

Who´s your daddy!!!!

Somebody…I guess, I also play some chess.

Go figure, no mixture, no love, no by,

what´s left?



Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. I still tell you two things:

    1. You shall put your poems togheter in a little book, and blow the f-cking internet away – because you can do that, and your poems are so unique.
    2. Whatch “Searching for sugar man” so you keep yourself grounded when you get successful

      1. No that was just the soundtrack 🙂

        I see if I can find the link I once sent you..

  2. Hey charlypriest,

    Ah, great you’re so amusing! You took my mind so many places in your, “I´M BACK, SO SNAP!” None of them dark, you have me smiling, and honestly laughing out loud! Oh, thank goodness for hilarity! I’m going to count on you for that! Thanks for a great read this morning.

    Take care,

      1. I love starting my day like that. Laughter, some sanity for the insane. Okay, you can send me a bill or put it on my tab, but only if I don’t make you smile or laugh too.

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