Sorry about the curse word, just felt like getting it out. The saying goes, some days we have limited space for others, and I don´t like that. That means you are too immerse in yourself, you are thinking too much about you´re own problems, you are feeling pity for yourself, you are basically feeling miserable. And that´s what happened to me these past 4 days. And you know what…..FUCK that. I hate that feeling, so today I got out of bed and said to those little demons inside my head to go off on vacation, a vacation to Mars or to the end of the galaxy to never return or at least to return in a very very long time. I hadn´t been down like this in quite some time. And I hate it.

I was grumpy, everything and everyone annoyed me. I didn´t feel like talking, I just felt like sinking in bed and staying there and that is not the way to go. I know everybody has bad days, but I don´t like my bad days. I have handled worst things in my life than what happened to me recently so what the hell was I thinking in getting so low.So when the saying says some days we have limited space for others, you know what I say to that, you guessed it that! I have people around me who care for me and I have people also who depend on me. So what do I do, just left them hanging for 4 days….not cool. I felt selfish, and I maybe a bit selfish but not a complete selfish asshole. So as for now you know what the saying says….Get the hell up and stay up.

Just a thought, now going to read some of my too cool to go to school bloggers.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Good for you for snapping out of it. Going through a lull myself right now with back issues. But the only way past it is through it, so I must keep my chin up and believe that I will know what it is to feel myself again. Like you I’ll be doing a lot of reading. Hang in there and be well.

      1. Feeling much better today, and I don’t usually feel out of sorts for very long. Life is too short and I have lots I want to accomplish. Still, in the midst of misery it does rather feel like it will go on forever. I’m counting the days until I’m literally back in the saddle again. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. You are always there for others, it was your turn to get some rest now- even if it wasn’t a pleasent one.. Did you know that after being ill- whith some of your vital organs involved- you’re mind reacts exactly like you experience, to feel low or depressed. You can’t skip that part by will.It’s part of the healingprocess, before the body pressed the resetbutton. So you’re actually doing just fine. Even if it’s a pain in the a– too feel like you describe.
    Love ya

  3. It’s okay to have a bad day or 2 occasionally – main thing is to get back up & keep on keeping on . . . you got this, even if some days you feel like you don’t . . . I know – I have been doing this a few decades longer than you – LOL yeah had to play the age card on that one!!! 😉 (And from what I have read about you that you have shared, you are a survivor & tenacious as hell!)
    Sending hugs & good wishes your way!! ❤

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