The brave and the cautious

The brave do not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

Carl had to decide, it was  going to be today or it would be postponed until the stars would fall.On the other hand Mike didn´t have any pressure, the stars could fall by the millions and nothing would affect him or the people around him. Not entirely.

Carl took the initiative, he had to do this, as far fetch as it was, as crazy as some people might think he was he felt deep down in his heart he had to do it. He jumped out of the the horse rolling down in the mud, he took the sword he had on his hip and lashed at one then at another, blood jumping high in the air in all directions he killed five people before he reached Erika who was hanging by the noose, her face had already turned blue. Carl cut her loose and cried over her, if he had done something earlier on he might have saved her. As he lied crying over her body, blood dripping from his body into hers he didn´t realise he hadn´t finished off one of the guards and that guard stabbed him on the neck right before he died. Carl lied next to her loved one, both faces blue.

Mike had sneaked into the Palace the day earlier at night when the guards where sleeping, he saw the noose, he manipulated the knots on the noose and left it where he had found it.

Mike walked up to both Carl and Erika, she was still breathing as well as Carl. He looked at her neck and saw that the knots on the noose had been perfectly disarranged so it wouldn´t snap her neck nor suffocate her in quite some time. Just the right time for Carl to act. Mike took out the medicines he had brought that morning as well as his first aid kit and patched up Carl´s wound. Erika inmediately regained consciousness.

The next day Mike and Carl where hailed as heroes by the people of their village. Nobody had ever been able to help somebody escape from the noose of the Palace. Just Carl and Mike, the brave and the cautious.


  1. Gosh, it is a very good story! People rush to put labels on each other. It doesn’t matter are you brave or cautious, you cans still live a full life and be a hero if you have noble heart. Hope to hear about Carl and Mike again 🙂

    1. Thank´s, I was just trying to try to prove the quote outlined in black at the top wrong,telling the story as in saying that it shouldn´t be one or the other but that there can be a balance.

      1. It is why i find the story stunning. People love the sound of quotes like this but they don’t want to think for themselves if the quote is exactly correct:) Thanks again, exceptional story.

    1. I think that you are one of the few that you truly got it. I think anyways. I put the quote in black at the beginning. And the story was a way to try to debunk that quote.

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