Beautiful Sunday!(poem)

Beautiful, woke up excitedfull

just invented a word not heard


Keep going as big jet boeing


Sunday and I´m alive today!

woke up with no physical pain

so that´s some gain.


They say,

you can´t start truly living until you almost died

and believe me they tried, they and mey

but hey, still here my dear.


Eight thirty a.m

and I woke up happy happy

like an innocent puppy

TRULY appreciating what I have

and trust me that is the best experience you could ever have.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I sent my reply friday too 🙂

        After friday I haven’t recieved any mail from you, so tell me if you didn’t get my reply.. then I send it again 🙂

  1. Happy Sunday, Mr. Priest!! Waking up feeling good is always a great way to start the day 🙂 Since unfortunately it is not always this way, gotta embrace it when it happens – I know I do!!!! Glad you are, too, my friend ❤ Hope the coming week is full of great things for you ☮

    1. but I think the new word should have one l – and not two – because flu as a suffix is usually flu and not full – but hey – it is your word so what the heck – anything goes – and I like days when I wake up and feel excitedfull too – so nice

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