Beside you(poem)

Being beside you

Being near to you

hearing you

advising you

Knowing about you

Knowing the situation that got you


Remember, never above you, never below you always beside you.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thank you for the reblog, I know it´s a bit late in the answer, but I´m having some wordpress problems and some internet so is running very very slow, takes ages to upload a page and read a blog.

      1. Sends shivers down my spine!!
        The spanish armada!
        The spanish inquisition!
        The, ahhhh, spanish liquorice…damn

      2. I can still gather some old army friends and start my own inquisition…..I would make every vegetarian in the world start eating meat, I would be remembered for that.

      3. Yeah…and you could make cows drink milk!! Urghhh!! That would be disgusting, for them! It’d be like us drinking our own piss!

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