Fight club(poem)

Foto 274

Is that me?

I guess

not too good at playing chess

that, would be my guess.

This is a mess

but is just my guess.

You win some you loose some



you never win anything

you loose much of everything.

Long time has been,

since I got into one of these

since serious fighting that is.

Two wars I´ve been

and that was serious thing

no glory

just misery

anger issues…..

maybe I should pull out some tissues

or maybe I should work on some issues.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I´m good, just a little hi cup it will go away in some days. I do have to wear sunglasses though. But I thought I might as well show my face and scare people. 🙂

      Thank´s for asking, finally got internet back in the house. So now time for me to read.

    1. Holy fuckamolley….haha, that´s a new one. It heals fast, well a couple or three weeks but they are just bruises no biggy. Just thought of scaring people off with that face.

      1. Worth a try, if you dont try you dont get, you might become a billionaire, gain a mass of mummy followers desperate to scare their kids into not fighting! 🙂

  1. Charly,

    Oh my, I just knew it, the man holding your cigarette told me. Almost sent you that message, but thought it a bit too nutty, But you know that abut me, glad to see the blue eyes are still blue, just a little black as well. Love the lip. Please take care and pretty-up quickly. Sending some special well wishes.


    1. Hey pepper, I send you an email today, had bad internet connection for some time and just saw today your email that you send on the 5! My bad for being late, or internet´s bad.

      So I didn´t scare you with my fu..ked up face? You could give me a little kiss on the left side of my face, that part doesn´t hurt so much. Hey, plus the poem wasn´t all that bad if you take away the picture.

      Your well wishes are taken and appreciated.

      1. Charly,

        Check your email and spam of course, just a quick note, more to follow. After reading it let me know if you want, more or less information.

        No scare, not a chance in hell. You know what they say, scars are sexy. The poem was really very good, which I neglected to mention, bad on my part. It was a clever way to reinvent yourself, maybe a little hard on the body, but clever none the less. See how smart you are, never thinking of yourself, but always giving a great deal of thought to your art.

        Warm wishes,
        P.S. you have to read my poem, “Ephemeris 1841 ♉”
        I think it will make you will smile.

  2. Oh no . . . liked the poem, but hate that you had to get bruised to write it. Channel that anger in different directions – something productive or at least borderline fun! I had a few REAL angry months last summer – used that energy to clean out a few things I hadn’t touched in years (with the help of some driving raucous music and brute physical strength I had no idea I still had inside of me!), as well as rip the hard drives out of three old computers (via Encyclopedia YouTube) that had just been taking up room & collecting dust. I sledgehammered a few things, too 🙂 I got so angry one day that I was gonna dump some guy’s Harley from it’s parked position onto the ground – and not a gentle push either . . . got half way into & then realized how bad that might end up, so as I was working on righting it, thank goodness someone saw & helped me get it the rest of the way up before it hit the ground . . . that’s when I started cleaning, and ripping & sledgehammering – figured that was a better way to take out my frustration & I was so proud of what I HAD accomplished!! 😉
    EVEN bruised & battered, you still got a handsome face & those gorgeous blue eyes! (P.S. – One day, maybe I will post a pic of myself to scare to people LOL!!)
    Hope the coming week is better & full of great things!! In your own words . . . stay frosty, my friend!!

    1. It is getting better thank you Sadie, problems with the internet which aggravates me. About the fighting….it has been years since this type of thing has happened so I´m getting better at it. Handsome face….send me a kiss then! but to my left side of the face 🙂

      1. It is, but you have to learn to know your emotions better. If you give in to one of them so you let it take over you diminish yourself. Listen to what your emotions say but don’t let them dictate. Translate anger into creativity. Instead of socking him in the jaw write him an insulting sonnet 🙂

    1. I was hoping you didn´t see this one, but my guess is that you are probably right. After I went to the hospital and they stitch me up I inmediately started to think about writing a poem about it. That´s how my strange brain works, something happens to me I have to write it. It would have been good without the picture I just wanted to scare some people, but I´ll take the picture down today, not necessary.

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