Crazy is the word(poem)

My internet is going to lazy going crazy



You say crazy I say maybe

You say crazy I say amazingly


into the galaxy

of the unknown

unknown unknown is the only thing we probably knowns

and is good to be our owns

in this world of everybody and nobody




You say crazy

I say…………

hell I say is not over until the fat lady sings

and that is all that means.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


P.S. My freaking internet is going nuts on me so it takes for ages to load pages and read other people so I apologise for that.




    1. there are knowns knowns and knowns unknowns but there are also unknow knows which is to say this last one that there are things we think we know but we really don´t know.

  1. Reminds me of “call me maybe”
    Don’t know why…don’t want to know either. Also,

    Life is about the briefest of moments. You close your eyes and you miss them. HG

    1. call me baby…really? although that thing you said about life is about the briefest of moments, you close your eyes and you miss them…you´re damn right about that.

  2. hey crazy spainard – enjoyed your poem – and just a thought – you may need to reset your browser or restart your computer – and clear the cache – sometimes problems loading has to do with clogs and buildup – or it may just be the internet connection – but just an idea…

    also heard the “stay frosty” song by Van Halen – (which is not a song I really like, but I do like your tag line…) anyhow, the song made me think of you Spainard – so wanted to say hello – have a nice week! :0
    Mr. Prior

    1. It has to do something with the wordpress site, since getting into other websites I have no problem it´s only wordpress that I have problems navigating. Now it seems to go sort off o.k, but who know how long this lasts.

      So Van Halen has a song Stay Frosty? Damn I thought I was more original but I´m sure the Stay Frosty is´t the same meaning as mine.
      Stay Frosty= stay cool,calm, collected, all your senses working at their peek,put in place all your training to terminate your target. (the target can be anything) See? Mine is more original

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