Robin Williams and the troops.

What a wonderful man this guy seemed. I wouldn´t have mind seeing one of those shows when I was in the army and deployed(Spanish army that is), good for the man to do that for the soldiers. A good man and a great loos.Robin Williams Was the Bob Hope of His Generation – Yahoo



  1. I have been watching him since the beginning – Mork & Mindy, as well as almost every movie he’s made. His drama was as good as his comedy!! It’s incredibly sad to know he was so desperate that he felt taking his own life was the only way to attain peace. We were all blessed and so fortunate to have been able to share in his brilliance . . . he was a true gift ❤

    1. He truly was a gift, the first memory I have of the man was watching Mrs.Doubtfire as a kid. Then pretty much all the other movies he´s made I think I´ve watched. It´s quite incredible how a person that is so funny and seems to have everything in life, and be apparently so happy, turns out he wasn´t. And what a deep dark whole he must have felt to be in to kill himself. I do know that he suffered from depression and then they diagnosed him with parkinsons disease. Maybe that was too much for him and through him over the cliff.

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