The painter(poem)

Foto 275

They say Picasso was the king of painting
well well I ain´t fainting.


Who is to judge…well people that have a grudge


I do judge

Just look above, look it!
see it!
believe it!

I painted that when I was only nine
and that really makes you shine
it´s a real craft
and is called abstract
call it beautifullonic
or just ironic

Now a days every painting is art
don´t believe Michelangelo will be seating in heaven
and in enters a graffiti boy and they talk while they take a walk
What did you paint? Graffiti boy asks
The sixteenth chapel
What did you paint? Michelangelo asks
A corner
Disservice to humanity of art I ask
I must judge, since I feel I must do my task.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I’m impressed because it’s really symmetric!
    4 circles at the left and 4 circles on the right.
    Do you remember what the A stands for? Or is it a tent with a star above?

      1. You and your “beautiful mind” (the objective thing that you proclaim to be a fact, I see it appears to be true), the two of you are hilarious. Please keep me laughing. We communists here don’t get to laugh that much.

        наилучшие пожелания

    1. Yeah, wasn´t Michael Angelo who painted it…..either ways they both where Italians, or maybe not, but they seem to be,but this is my world so in my world everything goes. Maybe I painted it, or at least they should have given me a try to do it.

      1. Do I feel like a guy that just walked out from a cave, you know you made me look up in google the definition of Sistine, because I thought that was just a fancy word to tell me something and I then I realised it´s the Chapel!

        Did I really say sixteenth Chapel? I´m sure I was autocorrected by wordpress to make me look bad….

  2. You were a child with vision…you site is outstanding and you have an insight into thoughts that many cannot understand. Keep writing and thank you for following me and I am please that you “like” my poetry. Many cannot understand the pain that emits from the words created from the soul. Keep posting. Ann

    1. Ann, what a wonderful compliment coming from a real poet like you. Don´t thank me for following you, as I say, I don´t mind so much my own writing and followers on the blog what I mostly enjoy is reading other people. My saying is that this is my free online university, and poetry is an art I have recently started reading and got hooked at the end. Then I decided to give it a try. So out comes something…who knows if it´s called poetry but it sure is liberating to write.

    1. I was a rebel without a cause!

      And I´m to grateful for wordpress, where in the world would I have ever encounter seeing strange yet beautiful places and birds then? o yeah, and a man with a bunch of fox´s. A fox-man.

  3. LAUGHING – ” I´m sure I was autocorrected by wordpress to make me look bad….”
    I think Michelangelo and the graffiti painter (in my mind – images not just words) would have an interesting conversation . . .
    Like your drawing, too. 🙂

  4. had to think about it….I thought you intended to say sixteenth all along…that is the kind of thing the “Recorder voice ” would say. haha love the poetry. I like writing poetry too. currently in a slump because of trump… im on a roll.

      1. well you both have blue eyes…like my son and grandsons. blue eyes are genetic from the Vikings…that’s what I always say…my girls have green/grey eyes. Why are we talking about eyes?

      2. not my girls, but my grand-girls are. They don’t have blue eyes, just the grandsons. Something about that pic of George Bush who has blue eyes, captured my imagination but Trump also has blue eyes and that’s about the best thing I can say about him. haha

      3. I don’t have blue eyes. My boy and grandsons get it from their ancient ancestors…probably Vikings. I have a vivid imagination. Genetics is very interesting I think.

      4. I’m too a bit of a history buff, I have watched all the documentaries there are in the History Channel. Lately I was watching Hitler, and re watched it and watched again and again, a bunch of documentaries about him since it seems in Spain the history channel has a bit of a problem with diversity so I pretty much know Hitler better than his own mother…..kind of scary actually

      5. yeah, there’s great fascination with Hitler. I was 11 when War II ended, and we grew up with documentaries of him. My field is Latin American history, especially Mexico. I taught for awhile at the university but I am a lousy teacher. 🙂

      6. That’s quite fascinatng, so you basically tought how the U.S invaded Mexico faught with Pancho Villa, the Alamo……
        So making the calculations you are about my parents age, you’re in the flower of your life (or however goes the saying in English)

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