A letter to Poe (prompt)

A prompt by the great….#FWF Free Write Friday: Image Prompt | Kellie Elmore


Hi there darling, hope your listening because you are really glittering today which is one day after Friday but you still look to me like every day since the first day I met you, you make me sick!

How can you do this to me Poe? We talked and talked for over a year, you promised and promise for that whole year and yet here we are, or better said here I am. Just waiting and waiting for you. You said the word, I have it on my cell phone still. I didn´t erase the message. There it is, I´m sending it to you.

Mark you have always been there for me and supporting me, we grew up together and one day I will return to the small town where we grew up. But for now my opportunities are in New York in the fashion industry, but I promise I will return. There is no need for you to send so many text messages because I know you are in a tight budget and it is costing you a lot. I will always remember you and love you.

You said it Poe! Yeah you did, you LOVE me. I´m now the chief gardener of the town, I´m moving up in life! A life that as kids we loved. And you, you still there. Over a year, for crying out loud. How can you do this to me? I knew you before that fancy picture and stood by you and loved you and encouraged you. And now what do I get in return Poe….this? You being there with a bunch of socialite talking about shoes all day. That is my reward then. And you think I´m going to let it pass? No way Poe, no fucking way! You are mine, you know that? You are mine! I build you up and I let you go there for a while but you should have returned home by now. This was not to happen and I will not let it happen. I´m catching the flight one of these days and don´t think I´m going to tell you which day. After seeing this photo in this nasty magazine of you…how could you fall so low with those rich bastards I´m sure you entered in to quite some trousers for you to get a picture in Vogue Magazine. 

I´ll see you soon.

Your true love, Mark.

fwf-kellie-elmore-badge Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Like this – hope you flesh it out more 🙂 I can tell Mark has issues . . .
    Been busy lately, with no time to write – missed FWF – need to participate next week for sure!!
    Hope all is well – great post!! ☮

    1. Mrs. Sadie! busy busy Sadie. It just takes a couple of minutes to write this FWF thing, and I find it quite entertaining, I have fun with it. It´s all about that, having fun with what you like to do. And yes, all is well thank´s for asking.

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