After the end(poem)

Most things in life have an end
that´s just a fact to react
but after that end
as hard as it may be,
so be,
life is hard.

After that end there is a new door, new colour, a rainbow,
a new glow so you can ride the new flow.

It can be frightening the end,
but also exciting, intriguing, just keep on smiling and you will be flying…..

to a new destination
with better observation
don´t look back in retaliation
you will have more motivation

So now it´s time for this writing to end.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Another sporadically, opium induced, confabulation of topics and themes that verge on the rhetorical.
    Well done chucky!

      1. It was a compliment, can´t read you all every day although I liked too but I try to learn as much as I can when I read different types of poetry. Although at the end when it´s time for me to write my own it just comes out that way, my way the only way that fits for me. I don´t use grandiose words or in a lot of instances some deep meaningful transcendental type of thing, just comes out…..don´t know, as it comes out. Thing is I´m having fun with this poetry stuff. And that´s important.

      2. As long as you are enjoying that is all that matters! You don’t need grandiose words. (That actually was one though!) hehe just keep writing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. yea, that one line sticks “don´t look back in retaliation” … that sense of overcoming bruised pride, of lashing out at one’s own thought wronged ego is probably the toughest thing, that and just plain letting go… that’s the hardest thing, we seem to want to hold onto everything, when what we should do is just let it smile and say goodbye 😉

    1. Mr. Hickman! You´re damn right about that one being the toughest one, but since I recently got that little revelation with a woman I actually feel not pissed off anymore. It did take quite some time though. Other things, I doubt I can let go when I have been wronged, but in that specific case it worked! So one less headache in my life.

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