My quotes, the true meaning to life

I go through a bunch of blogs and see people hanging all kinds of little quotes,so I figured I´d make a list of my own that if your able to understand your life will be much better.

-There knowns knowns, there are unknown known, there are known unknowns, but there is also another category which is the unknown unknowns.

-The belief of inevitability of conflict can become one of its main reasons.

-Want peace then prepare for war.

-All generalisations are usually false, which can apply to the last two I just said…or not.

-Sometimes for people is much more fun for them to think they had been pushed than they had been tricked into something.

-Lies are a fundamental of life.

-Love is a fundamental of life, since fundamental is a relative word.

-You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear.

-click click eyes and ears open.

-Friends are the corner stone of society since society is a mess.

-Family goes wily nily.

-Stand up for something or you are a wussy. As hard as it may be.

-Life is about choices, and what differentiates the true men or  true women from the rest are those people who make tough choices and accept the consequences because they believe that their choice are the correct one for them.

-The absence of evidence doesn´t mean there is an evidence of absence.

-You want to get published? Write. And guess what? You will probably fail.

-There is no way getting around failure in life, the only question is how do you deal with those failures.

-Do as I say, and you will never have to pray.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Sometimes the unknown unknowns are the best 😉 Enjoyed your quotes & you are definitely correct on this one – people see what they want to see & hear what they want to hear most of the time! And the absence of evidence quote reminds me of Denzel Washington in “Training Day” – “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove!” 😉

    1. Training Day, loved that movie.

      Hey, I thought that since I passed through a lot of blogs and each had cool exotic beautiful transcendental idealistic quotes, I figured I´d make a selection of mine……in my own twisted way 😉

    1. John my man, I´ve seen that in one your trips you´ve been quite frozen… that picture of you looked like you where Santa Clause with a big red nose. It was a funny post you hanged up as always.

      About my quotes, I´m a mastermind what can I say. Actually I was getting bored of the typical “be all you can be” or some idealistic corny thing so I figured I might as well come up with some convoluted absurd but making the absurd have sense type of quotes.

  2. I love quotes – and well, I also believe the ones that people pick do reflect a bit about them – and I can see a few of the meaning of these quotes showing up in some of your posts –
    for example this quote “-You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear.” reminded me of a pats post you wrote about people arguing from stale positions and not really listening to the current dialogue. H’m. Anyhow, you should make this into a page on your blog so we can come back to easier if needed…. but a post will be fine too!

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