From Spain with love (pic´s)

My countryimages-9 does look kind like a face doesn´t it? If you add Portugal into us that is. We should invade Portugal and make it Spanish just so the face is complete. And we would be remembered in history as doing something great, invading another country just so our country has a nice look from the sky.

The land of the wild bulls, right now the festivities are coming up, and my town is one of the first that has the bullfights. And what they call “encierros” which is when they let the bulls loose at 9.a .m and they run through the streets and ofcourse if my body lets me I´ll be in the mix. I´ve been seeing this and doing it since a young kid so I know bulls and they know me…..I should stop actually in the middle of the run and have conversation with one of them. So I´ll probably be one of these dudes this monthimages-10 and after the early morning running of the bulls we´ll have some great “paella” to recuperate our mangled legs and bodies and minds, that´s itimages-11 how in the world can people not like this type of food? Bunch of weirdos.  After the paella which we eat here between 2-3 p.m ofcourse it´s the traditional cigaretteFoto 286 Now that I´m looking at the picture I do have a boyish face, and I´m going to be 32, always get mix that I´m turning 33 and it probably has to do because 33 was when Jesus died, so since my life expectancy I´m not too sure about it ,I might as well check out at 33. Same age as Jesus that might help to get a ticket into heaven. Fuck, what a stupid face. I actually don´t look at myself a lot in the mirror. This is weird. I look at my teeth when brushing, at my face when shaving(not in this instance though) but not really really look. Freaking strange again. I´m actually promoting smoking, there´s already a bunch of ads anti tabacco so it just seems fair to be pro tabacco. Have to have variety in a democracy. And after by glorious cigarette a well Spanish person goes to the “siesta” or nap time so light out for an hourimages-12. That´s the Spanish way, no hurries no worries. And you should see the southern part of Spain, Andalucia, it takes out about one quarter of the map up over there, I know this place since I bounced quite a lot during these daysDownloadedFile the 24 year old version of me of I´m too cool to go to school and I´m a mean tough bastard. Well I was posted in Viator to the south east of Spain over hereimages-13 so I did spend some  time around there, or here images-14 in the Spanish Legion and not a lot to see to tell you the truth, it´s hot but the Southern girls of Spain are also very hot. And Andalucia, this southern region of Spain is the poorest one that´s probably why most of  the guys in the Legion came from there, not probably that´s just a fact really. So hot days, surrounded by men almost 24/7 and that´s not counting the deployments. So you can imagine the conversations what was the most talk about topic….pussy. We actually had some quite interesting philsophical debates about what type of vaginas where out there like  taste, colour, dimensions, the flaps of them, we covered everything. It´s all part of breaking a routine and the conversations got even worst if deployed. They should have gave us the Nobel Philosophy price for our understandings and findings. Good old soldiering humour when violence is the norm and death is real possibility. So what if the casket didn´t fit you, did they brake a leg, or cut it? There was actually a guy who said that if his legs where blown up, this conversations happened usually after some days passed after on attack that took half of the leg of one of my guys, which I still see once in a while and he´ll tell you that no regrets but we don´t talk about that, now he´s married and going on with his life working in the shop of his father. Anyways this dude, funny bastard, well he very seriously said that if his legs where blown off and he died he wanted the casket to be a small one in order to save money. Money? For what you idiot is the government who´s going to pay for your funeral not your family, but it seems we didn´t convince him. So bunch of dudes, put in a bunch of strange situations to say the least you might as well have fun with it, keep morale up. And sex, girls, the southern girls of Andaluciaimages-15yep, beautiful women down there. It is true that most of them are dark hair and skin, probably since the Marrocans invaded us some centuries ago they left a mark in the genes that has passed down. Plus at first when I got there I had no clue what the hell they where talking about, just the accent. It would be like a guy from New York to go to the deep South and try to understand every word of a tick southern accent. But there they are with the traditional flower on the head, it´s the traditional customimages-16 there you go, now as we say here you have to say….Ole! Although you don´t have to put your palms up like her if you don´t want to but the Ole! shouting it is mandatory. So from Spain with love I leave you with a little bitty of my country.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Difficult for me to get into the U.S…very, for you to come to Spain…easy peasy. We let everybody in, including the terrorist we welcome them with open arms. ilegal immigration here is enormous and best of all, is that they are taking all the benefits and resources from the State that are suppose to go to help for the Spanish people who are in dire straight right now, unemployment is at 27% officially so unofficially is around the mid 30´s. I see it every day when I go to the social security services or the unemployment office, they just have run out of resources. And that´s because the State can´t sustain so many people and most of them getting the benefits are here ilegaly. I know because I know these people. So for you to get here easy, and to get a well paying job with the skills you have even more easy I would think but don´t take my word for it. If I where you, stay in the U.S, you don´t know how good you guys have it over there. Not a perfect country I know, but certainly much better than this one here.

  1. Hey Chuck! I really like the ‘stream of conscious’ style, it suites your idiosyncrasies! Nice post and in particular, I found the accompanying pictures to be like the punch line in the funny story. Nice. Stay frosty-snow man!!

      1. Yes it is similar, they let the bulls out, there are barriers in certain sections of the town in others the barriers are just the concrete walls of the town houses with their little alley ways and off you go running. We don´t wear white as is the tradition in pamplona though.

    1. Stay Frosty….I did write a post I think about the true meaning behind it. Got it from a U.S Marine sergeant. Before they got into a contact he would turn around to his guys and tell them “Stay Frosty gents” I heard it once, so sort of stuck with me.
      The meaning- stay cool, calm, collected, with all your senses working at their peek, and all the training you`ve had put it into the out most efficiency in order to terminate your target.

      Which translates perfectly for the civilian world, not the terminating of targets, but it you twist it and say accomplishing your target that you have set out to achieve or better said the goal, then the saying stands pretty good.

      1. Not a problem at all! It suits the way you think. Like i said; the idiosyncrasies. You are a free spirit hombre. Stay icy

    1. Thank you, yeah I do tend to just spit it out not thinking too much more often than not when I write on the blog. Glad you enjoyed a bit of the land of the wild bulls. We have even stranger customs, but I was thinking of saving it for other time.

      1. You can´t handle the truth! I´ve always wanted to say that line from that movie of Tom Cruise where he´s a military defense attorney and it´s actually Jack Nicholson who say´s that line when he´s being question on the stand because he gave the order of “code red” to one of his marines. You can´t handle the truth! It´s just so great that line and the rest that follows. Never can get a chance to speak it so I´ll go again with it writing… sure you are forward to reading these customs? YOU CAN´T HANDLE THE TRUTH! feels good.

    1. Ole mi niña! That´s sort of translates to of course Ole! and then “my little girl” which in english doesn´t make any sense at all and sounds ugly. So in context it would be something like “there you go baby!”.
      We have even stranger customs, but they are not for the faint of heart.

  2. Hey Charly, so i packing my bag, making ready to come to Spain for all the interesting things i’ve seen here. That was before I actually gave it a thought, Spain, its a long way off, lemme get to work first, that’s much closer. And that’s where the airfare will come from.

    1. Good idea the work thing since here we are at 27% unemployment. But when you get you big paycheck, or become CEO and a millionaire you can come and run with me and the bulls ofcourse. I´ll guide you and if necessary if I see the bull getting to close to you I´ll stop and talk with him.

      1. na, It would be only me doing this that since I was a kid I´ve been running with the bulls so after the years I sort of developed a rapport with them…..haven´t tested it yet though buy I´m quite sure it works

      2. You haven’t tested it yet!!! You want a bull’s horn up your trench? No sir, not on my watch. LMAO
        The idea is to run with the bulls, we don’t wanna get poked and lifted by them. That’s a story I wouldn’t want to post on my blog. Though its rather tempting.

      3. That’s true though, but a horn up my buddy’s uhmm…arhhm…you know what, will not be a fun story to write. Up Putin’s? That will!

  3. like the action shot when 24.

    and 33 is such a nice age – and in hind sight I see the 30’s as more precious – and as I am just getting the groove of my 40’s – I must just tell you to enjoy each day. but I know you know this amiga – I mean amigo.

    the encierros sounds very cool – and wish I could see it first hand.

    oh – and I also like your analogy of someone from NY going to the deep south – because you know America so well – cos that is a major contrast – whewwwwww

    1. I did eventually did go to the encierros, it´s nice not only the running with the bulls, but the whole atmosphere of small town where parents bring the children and they´re little tents with traditional spanish food after the encierros at about 12 p.m they serve you little traditional appetites, and yes the 30´s, who the hell thought I would live that far, not me for sure. So enjoying little things, like playing with my dogs that I constantly insult them on worpress, or just spending time with family, sitting down with my mother(living wordpress or whatever I was writing or reading) to have breakfast for about 1 hour and just talking, those are the most important things, that I value most after my past life.

    1. Well I have cut down to almost a pack a day, before if I could I´d smoke up to two packs a day. Every time you would see me you would see a cigarette stuck in my mouth.

      Seems you´re stalking my blog….going to report you to the NSA…enjoy! As I told you, I pretty much lay it down on the blog most of my life. The rugged soldier….guess you had to be at that time at that age to do the job we had to do.

      1. I am down to a pack a day. HAVE too at least try.
        NSA hey? They got lots on me already Charlyboy.
        Stalk and stalk alike cupcake.

        Rugged soldier – is a compliment. I have lived with one for approximately – let me see 1 2 3 … 11 12 13 14 – yeah – about 14 years. 🙂

      2. O my…. career soldier then, officer….puf ! 😉

        So then I guess you won´t call me a “hero” like that dummy rich kid once did while she invited me to beers and I just wanted to sleep with her…….so no hero? Just human then…fuck that sucks.

        Actually wrote a post about it “I´m a hero! and you are a dummy!” or something like that, go stalk it if you want has to in some of the 200 + posts.

      3. Human for sure. MAYBE – just a little MORE human than most. 😉
        The dude has not been a soldier for that long dear, he gave that up – um- let me count again.. 1 2 3 … about twenty years before he met me. Tell you more one day if you’re interested. Rough diamond is the expression I think. Eyes a BIT like you. Not an officer. Just a FUCKING good soldier 🙂

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