Who created mothers?(poem)


Hon, the baby is crying
Love, no worries I´m not dying
Hon, you haven´t slept in months
Love, think of me like nuns
Hon, that makes me horny
Love, go buy yourself a pony
Hon, the baby is driving me nuts
Love, go out and play with those sluts
Hon, that´s actually a good idea
Love, you have no idea
Hon, the kid got in trouble in school
Love, I gotta double double so he looks cool
Hon, is this thing ever going to leave the house?
Love, yes but he´ll always be my little annoying mouse.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Really loved this one – smiling & laughing the whole time I was reading 🙂
    Great poem!! [Hey, I sent you an email – did you get it? It was a little over a week ago.]

    1. If it was over a week ago, no I didn´t get it. Since I had that hiatus from getting into the internet for 2 weeks all the post that are published they get into my inbox so I had over 1000 posts in the inbox, not kidding. And since I have little email from people, they are mixed in between all those post so it does happen to me that I´d probably have deleated a great chunk of some posts and your email and probably some others where also deleted. Not probably they where deleted they have told me so. So if you don´t mind, send it!

      And if you do I´ll make a daddy poem, I just got myself a new idea right now.

    1. Really? I thought a mother would actually be relieved after having spend 18 years having under her care another human being. Should be a weight lifted off your shoulders, at least that´s what my mother says……but she´s probably screwing with me, a mean woman she is. Strange humour, which I think she passed it on to me, so she is actually to blame for what comes out of my mouth.

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