Angels of death(poem)

*just talking from the Spanish perspective certainly doesn´t happen to the American soldiers*

Society cast them aside
but they don´t care they take it with pride

Society hate the job, they think they are nuts
which in many cases you do need some mentality of suchs.

Society protesting their job, they just shrug and some think
what are they protesting for they are not going there,
they´re staying here not there
as it should be sitting in their comfy chair
they don´t need to know the real despair

Society screams at the politicians,
screams of agony
so the don´t go into that irony

They just laugh and shrug and say nothing
is non of their concerning
they just focus on one another
watching out for each other

They are cast apart
since like it or not somebody has to to that part

Society doesn´t think of them day to day
and it should be that way
But at the end of the day,
when the shit hit´s the fan
thing go bang!
bullets going zing zing
doing their thing

Society like them or not
they have no choice but to call them up.

And like angels they descend
like bastards they have to pretend to achieve the end
to terminate the threat and death is of no regret.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. This is a strong and great poem and it shows the double standard that exists in many countries (almost all I guess).
    The society despise something because it’s not pretty, but at the same time screams for their help when they need it. It’s like a class society, politicians and people think that some of them are worth more than others. But when it comes to life and death, we’re equal. And they realize it only in those moments the are afraid to lose something of value.

    I also love the title of the poem.

  2. This poem hit me strong, like an arrow to the heart. War is indeed a tricky thing. Wouldn’t the world be lovely if olive branches were all you needed to fix a problem? Unrealistic, yes. Sounds like a nice dream though, if it was possible.

    1. If it was possible….I would want to go to the moon, but seems it´s not going to happen. What has been a constant in human behaviour since the caveman are wars, a sad fact and one that you might think is crazy young man, want to prove themselves. There is just a class of people that want it. Hard to explain to anybody that hasn´t been in the military or been to war, but´s a fact. And we where proud of what we achieved. But tragic? It certainly was. Wouldn´t trade it though, would do it again, for the people that were there with me.

      1. Interesting viewpoint. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s kind of amazing how people can do all sorts of things in the name of a cause, country, or idea. I’m amazed that you would go through that kind of hell again, shows the amount of loyalty and bonds that are created when you are with others in extenuating circumstances.

      2. I did it for the money as the rest of the guys and for the adrenaline and test myself. It´s like writer that reads and read constantly day in and day out and never gets a chance to write? You would want to see if you could write well would be my guess and earn some money out of it would be ideal,so the same with my young version of me you practice and practice over and over the same exercise you get into a certain mindset and you want to see if you have what it takes, that´s the truth. Not much of idealism there. About loyalty and bounds that a form when guys are stuck there and go through the same screwed up things, you´re right on that. The americans call them heroes, I call them lovers. More than that, a lover wouldn´t risk his or her life for you, this dudes will because is simply their job.
        Thanks for the comment and reading.

  3. Same here for soldiers.No real jobs and hard times for Veterans. USA is falling down. Increased wage and increase prices of everything else. Old wars were different. When we fight for our freedom, not for people who would kill us in a New York minute. Men would risk all. You said a lot in the blog. We would need a gallon of whiskey and five gallons of beer to discuss these issues.

    1. The only thing I know for sure is that if you look through thousands of years there is one constant which is war. One if them anways. So my guess is as you who has served in the military and me, in the future there would be a small percent of people that if will be their turn to do fight and some will obviously die. You just can´t get around it.

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