In memoriam 9/11

A tragic day struck the USA some years that seem far away.

I was studying English literature and suddenly heard  torture.

I made my way to the room to where the television was and I couldn´t believe my own vision. I had lived in New York  and I knew a lot of people from that part of the country´s core.

Didn´t register at first but then the second plane hit and the anchor said it best that an act of terrorism was the behest.

Weeks passed, I wondered, I called, I found, yes some relatives of people I knew had died laying somewhere but at the same time nowhere, to be found, and give them a proper burial as it should be sound, to do, for respect, for their aspect, for their families with their worries. Ashes to ashes they went down in a rain of flashes.

I found out two guys that I knew in highschool had joined the Marines.And these two guys one had a scholarship for baseball, was and  my guess is he is still quite an egg ball and the other one was a brainy always with his nose stuck in some book that sucked. Just two guys joining what? Finally managed to get hold of them, they laughed and talked in broad terms of what it was like to be one of those likes. I didn´t really comprehend much of what they wanted or where to pretend I couldn´t see any angle of that bend. Didn´t give it too much thought anyways.

For certain reasons my scholarship went out on a ship and I had to return to my country in no ship just with a bunch of shit. I was to leave that beautiful land,sweat and  rough as the beach sand.

I guess on some level it stuck with me that these two joined the armed forces, since I eventually ended up joining my own forces. That day a tragic day had changed life´s and it also changed mine although voluntarily I ended up in some screwed up land with a whole bunch of nasty sand.

Very few often we would run into some U.S Marines and I would wonder if it was one of the two guys I once knew to be true.

They really did the heavy lifting but we joked about them although secretly we did respect them, we respected their work sort of a writer trying to write better than another writer, having somewhat of a jealousy but loosely  having a healthy respect. For their work, we knew it, it was also our work but we where not ordered to do the heavy lifting like those Americans out there drifting.

A tragic day, thousands of families lay, tears dripping, hearts broken. But America was united, guess that´s why it´s called the United States.

They send their sons and daughters to far away lands to to put bad people down in those sands.

Most of these people, from my personal experience are proud to be part of that calling sound and do that job that´s sound. Most of them anyways, those who thought other ways what they where thinking when they joined that they were an NGO, the reality is that is a no.

Few heard and went to the calling of arms, joining their hands breaking bad peoples arms for a great country that has the right to bear arms and overall with a heart of gold.

A day to remember all those souls lost in an instance, snatched away, now it seems at a great distance.

And a day also to remember those who fought and fight and died for those victims and a day to remember the bastards who created that instance.


Specially how the world is today in disarray.

With a bunch of nut jobs posing a threat that we might regret if we forget.

Never forget the bastards out there that only have a bunch of despair.

Never forget the victims, and the military people that fought and died for that country of your starting in that town that finishes with York.

Seems like a long time since that first time, but people are still out there victims are still grieving as humans their are being with broken heart that have the real art.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and for those from the U.S(and my country,since we are part of NATO and deployed to two screwed up countries at the behest of the United States and our own government) never forget and have no regret to terminate that threat and that young people for the most part will have to do that part and some of them never return do your part.


      1. The world has a problem. We are all in this together. Henry has spent time in the british army, believe it or not, Henry has fallen comrades, brothers, country men. ISIS, IRA, TALIBAN- all of them are the same. Fighting for a belief. Whether justified or not we are trapped in the age of terrorism. But its all a matter of perspective really…as contreversial as that may be. I am coming from a similar situation to you my friend, but the media paints these people as terrorist. Wesay terrorist, they say freedom fighters!
        However, both sides have committed henious crimes against humanity. It is a war with no winners, only losers and dead brothers and sisiters.

      2. So if you´ve been in the army you know then. I do agree with you that the war is probably very difficult to ever end, it´s religious war for them and they will always be there to do us harm, so we just have no other choice than to keep fighting, and the next generation after mine or your´s some of them it will be their turn to do the fighting, there is just no way getting around it. It´s tragic, but that´s reality so we better get used to this new world of fighting terrorism. Here in Spain we have ETA, and we got used to their attacks, since I was a kid they where already killing police, soldiers, politcians, so you learn to live with it.

      3. Its sad, my friend. But its nothing new. Christianity brought about the crusades. Its a repititive cycle. 2000 years from now and there will be new religions, new holy wars and crusades and terrorists fighting each other for their religion. If we as a species last that long

      4. We´ll last that´s for sure, by the way the Spanish crusades I promise I had nothing to do with them. And yes we´ll last but my guess in some other type of forms or societies or who the hell knows I´ll be long gone by then.

  1. I still remember the day I saw this news on TV. I also remember the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, India . These two events still give me goosebumps when I think of it.
    May all the departed souls R.I.P and may the Lord give strength to their families and close ones.

  2. 26/11 is dreadful to recollect and tough to forget. We cannot undo the past but can pray and hope for a peaceful present and future. My sincere empathies.

    Coming to your writing, you have ventilated the infliction very rhythmically.

    1. haha, don´t worry I figured you mistakenly tought about the Mumbai attacks and changed the date. I do read you, so I know your from India and of course I do remember that date, so I put two and two together 🙂 Quite an accomplishment for me……….

      1. So kind of you. I was reading someone’s comment on Mumbai attack in your comment section after reading “In memoriam 9/11. Then I started googling 26/11 and 9/11. I was scared looking at them and somehow I expressed my messed up heart. I am an Indian staying in London but to me loss of life is pain. My eyes shed an unbiased tear for all fellow humans.

  3. Great article Charly. It was a very unfortunate day. I still remember as if it happened yesterday. I was in school and my class had just been cancelled in response to the news. Nobody knew what was going on and it was an absolute mayhem. The sacrifice of all the men and women who immediately went to help will always be remembered dearly in our hearts.

    1. Hugs back, stop crying me a river though we don´t want your neighbours to drown.

      But is should be a day that we should never forget, people it seems to me that they look at this as ancient history and is not, it only 13 years ago and the threat is still very real for another type of attack.

      1. You are so right, the threat is real, and you also right that some people don’t want to think about that day. People who were young at that time don’t remember that shock, denial and terror we went through.. Sorrow never hit them and all that happened is only a page in a history book for them. It is not their fault, but it is our duty to remember and remind.

      2. You said it, it is our duty to remember and remind for future generations,I doubt that they will really take it in, since I lived in the U:S when this happened so it´s impossible for the next generation to really take it in, so it is our duty to remember plus my guess is that a small percentage of the future generation will keep on fighting these nut jobs and you have to say it since it´s the truth if you fight there is a good chance that you won´t come back to your country of origin, so that´s reality, a tough one but a necessary one.

    1. Being there myself I have to say that the days and weeks after this attack it was quite impressive the resilience and determination of New Yorker´s to not let that rubble and death paralize them. I still have a plate that I bought about the NYP heroes but that day where quite a few people that did quite heroic actions for their fellow Americans.

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