I had sex… ya who!!!

Freaking nuts, yesterday it was Friday right? I was drifting in the night……..might as well write a poetry on the fly hold on

Friday night
gonna be fight
since I´m right

See, that was deep, who the hell told me I was a shallow person, don´t remember but you kn0w what I say to that?

I´m not shallow
i  go wallow wallow
and then hit you with my…….
never mind the why

I might as well still be a little high from yesterday night though, should´t be writing today and putting up in the internet but I do have a problem I do suffer from being shameless so if you want to help with my foundation that is regarded my the U.N as one of the first 5 in the world that actually helps people with no shame, the first one is in New Guinea  and the rest I forgot.

My eye is hurting, actually my mind is hurting to, what the fuck am I writing.

H0ld on going to take a picture of myself, I´m a narcissist so……Foto 290 fuck look at that face, that´s a face of……..don´t know you judge but the weed was quite good though. Why would some one put a face like that? Forgot, no shame no pain and no brain as of right now.

Forgot again. Yahoo, hasn´t contact me yet, hence the title and hence the sex part, yaaaaahooooooo!

Once in a blue moon, not really it happens to me regularly, which girl doesn´t love Charly? None, and those who don´t like him what can I say, they are weird.

Anyways the stars lined up and I got up, to see my ex girlfriend in the town. And not the crazy ass one but another one. And had been about 8 years I hadn´t seen this girl, now a woman in all it´s forms. I think this one knew me when I was in the army, but don´t take my word for it since I was high as a kite, in the night.

Came across her in a bar yesterday, didn´t even remember her, she was the one who actually approached me and said, hi!  I look at this girl and it took me, I was going to say it took a  second to remember her face but actually I said hi back and started talking to her thinking to myself this is weird that a girl walks up to you and with a smile she says, hi who is everything going.  I just started rambling on, and of course with some weird shit I was spitting out, sort of what your reading right now, that is if somebody is reading, if not think of yourself´s as human beings and your fellow humans and be empathetic towards the others. In short just donate some money to my account, it is for a good cause. Hold on taking a puff hereFoto 291, so that sucks, I mean these cigarettes. They taste like shit, but they are cheap  . I´ll probably die of cancer….or of something else who knows.

Back to yesterday, I´m going all over the place here. So this girl, whose name be J Lo. Well J Lo said hi, I kept rambling on thinking am I this lucky? Eventually she starts laughing and tells me ” You don´t even remember me?” Then I went into a little shock face, since I had no clue why a girl would first approach me and second say something like that. So in my stunned stupor I managed to say something to the effect that……no, I have no clue as of right now who are you. You might think that somebody, a.k.a Me would remember a girl that you have been with f0r about 6 months is my guess, at least is what she said. Anyways, she´s doing good, hold on, about 8 years so this one might be the one after my army days now that I think about it, which I´m not thinking to quite clearly to tell you the truth.

haha, anyways, she was with her group of friends I was on the bar stool making time to later meet some guys, and eventually ended up with her and her friends. The whole night, and in that nigh as we had more “water” do drink, she got a little kinky so as me and ended up making out like wild animals, like dogs and fishes combined in the middle of the dance floor, and I couldn`t find a door to my pour soul. That lead us to go to the park and had sexual experiences like those of a bunny. That´s not funny, by the way I did step on a dogs shit while walking with her in the park. I do hate animals, that didn´t deter me, I kept marching on like superman and wakamoly holy Ja Lo had some moves on her. Actually I´m not quite sure if she broke some vertebrate in her neck,those where some moves.

So there it is, might as well just share my experience with the world, or whoever reads this, which I know one for sure which is me.
Forgot, we did exchange phones, which I´m quite certain I´ll be  another one in her sack of smash potatoes, but no worries I always said I´m like fast food: easy to get, a good fun for a while and easy to dispose of. Nice if you ask me, some people might say that´shallow but you know? wallow wallow. Kinky sex, that girl had improved if I remember correctly. Can you actually believe this shit? I know it sounds strange but my middle name it is strange.

Now I´m going here with what I hateIMG_1384what a bastard this one, but he´s a nice bastard. Too big if you ask me, and farts like there´s no end. So I´ll probably suffocate and be dead by this afternoon.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.




      1. I love you..you and I are like yin and yang….
        after that night I would have said…My God what have I done!!! and you….you say ya whoooooo!

        🙂 🙂

      2. Not only what have I done, but why in the world would I put a picture of me after having slept about 3 hours, that´s a whole new dimension, no shame I guess, plus sort of fits with the name of the blog Crazy life, I might as well once in a while hang up some crazy little thing.

    1. If I had elaborated on the sex part you would probably get a ticket and fly over to Spain, I already have a few stalkers don´t need more 😉

      Nope, I wish it was a boxer, it´s a bullmastiff which is kind like the boxer but double the size.

      1. Passion, that’s an attribute that I love about people.
        Whataever that passion is. It coulde be building things with your hands, which i love, or writing or singing or whatever, so that’s a good thing, but if you directed to a certain goal it will probably be more of a help for the person. The worst thing that can happen is see talent wasted.

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