Adversity makes creativity

There was once this little kid
who his parents had called him Skip
just right before they departed
living behind what they thought was a retarded

little skip grew
so much like many few

Skip be came a young man
fighting his way to the promise land

his sense of people grew with him
his shrewdness was a way for a new begin

Skip jumped on a ship
he was a mature young Skip
fast with his mind and mouth
left his opponents going South

finally reaching the promise land
there was nobody to give him a hand

working from dumpsters
up to bell boy kind of monsters
up to receptionist had less quacksters

up and up he scaled
and was glad to have no bail
he was in his mid twenties
an had a lot of worries

but he loved the worries
and hated those sorries

He new buildings and people
such knew things

Skip legally changed his name
with absolutely no shame
to his favourite cartoon character named Donald
and had nothing to do with MacDonlad
it was the quack the dummy who every body underestimated
later learning and feeling lamented

He got into construction
having no distraction

pure focus
shrewd mentality
no equality

He was going to triumph
brick after brick
his highrises made people sick

He was at the top
and now everybody knew him as Donald Trump

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Thank you caroline, I was going to say sweet caroline tata ta ta……remember that song? it was in one of Julia Roberts films, one of the early ones.

      Now I´ll go look up what in the world does “interfering” means.

  1. Interesting Chuck. I like how you body board over the waves of problematic little bitches!
    Keep your head up
    Keep your heart strong
    Keep your mind straight
    Keep your hair long. Ben Howard

      1. I know this Mr Priest. You know me and you know that I know, that you know that I know these things. These things are what make themselves known to me. Know what I mean?

    1. Me neither are a Trump fan, it´s sort of ended that way, I got to Donald and then the Trump just popped in my head as I was writing about bricks and buildings. Go figure the beauty of creativity.

    1. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Specially that you think my “poetry” is semi good and inspirational. And that´s all I could ask for. No awards needed, but still very appreciative that you would think of my writing. Thank´s again.

      1. compared to other poets, I wouldn´t say I´m one quarter of good like you people. Although I love reading you guys and I actually have quite a lot of fun writing my own little things. Really for me it´s all about having fun and then communicating it, be it one person that reads it or 100 is not too much of my concern. I´m not going to live out of this writing thing, so I might as well learn and have fun with it and not stress myself

  2. nice work Sir Spaniard – one comment – now we don’t say retarded – that’s called the R word and we try not to use that these days… ha! jk….

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