I think then I exist….(poem)

A man name Descartes once said, I think therefore I exist
I thought that was a nice twist,
philosophy is a never ending game
without any shame,
a constant working around a subject matter an idea going round and round
always twisting and bending you rational to fit any kind of sound,
which is why it´s interesting to do.

I call it the Scoobydoo
in the sense that you´re sort of laughing your way through.

You say and rational all kinds of ideas or philosophies
you twist and bend through your ideas bunch of different trophies,
and you really end up with nothing clear,
since in philosophy everything is unclear
there is always a new angle,
for you to strangle.

I think therefore I exist…
that´s quite a myth, if you really think about it so your brain can persist.
Since if you don´t exist first how in the world would you be able to think
but I guess that sentence rings good to the ear, so we hear,and we pass it on
to sound cool and smart, but who are we to think that is really the start of us
being smart or of us thinking makes us smart? And if not, what´s up , what´s the point
of thinking but again like it or not we do it good or not, quite a dilemma of the mind
or just forget about it and never mind, all that thing, that everything is relative,
at the end of the day you end up with no moral imperative.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Intensely philosophic! The sounds at the endings are amazingly rhythmic.”I think therefore I exist”- this is very thoughtful and worth wondering. I love this. Charlypriest, you too are damn good at poems. 🙂

  2. Ok then…deeply light n less fluffy while making me think in 4D!!! You mind warped me a lil…or maybe its the mix of diazepam n rum punch as I am reading! Certainly have me thinking…therefore I am!…. Anyways – thank u for sharing – i shall be back! (brilliant poem by the way) 😊✨

    1. Thank´s Sadie, I can drive people nuts if we get into a discussion about…well just about anything, I´ll go round and round making some weird argument that actually makes sense, just bending and twisting, weather I believe it or not and all for my own amusement…..that´s kind of twisted.
      I was pretty good at this philosophy thing during my college years. Should have staid there, probably be Socracharly.

  3. Way too often people pass on the things that ” ring good to the ear” without even contemplating:) And it can go on centuries until someone points it out. Love the poem.

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