Friday Night Hustle! (poem)

It´s almost time so Charly goes out on the dime,
not much money but no problem honey,
rich kids wondering around old school talking about that and the other clown.

Getting  prepared since I´m not scared
getting prepaid since they can end in a maze of hay.

Go on and about shouting that´s a trout!

Everything is cool with the groove just feeling smooth,
I watch I´m keyed up I´m in the zone the snooze with some booze.

Beer here,beer there, whiskey now, margarita later
o yeah, pocket your money later
and then see ya alligator!

Friday night hustling
while is bustling
Charly goes whistling
girls goes, o, darling!

winking winking
smiling and being kin of the king
Friday Night Hustling!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. This was a great poem. I liked the pace in the poem – it was like a drumbeat taking the poem one step higher during the paragraphs, like a song and it really worked with putting Charly in the third person. Loved it

  2. Great piece of slam, man!
    Its like something off 22 jump street dude!
    Or is it 21?
    Huh, thoughts gone, but I dont care.
    Not wearing any underwear. cher, but not sherbet…
    Sour grapes and vinegar face
    Makes the place sticky,
    Like the crew aboard a vessel.
    Sea-men. Amen, god send.
    My friend
    The end

    1. Man,Henry, are you the one high as a kite or is it only me………
      Kite in the light
      21 or 22 jump in straight
      grapes, vines, vineyards,
      worlocks, go unlock

      Na, I think is you that´s high, hold on….puff, puff, now inhale…..damn this one was good!

    1. The sad part is that right now is 9:20 a.m and I have been awake from 7 a.m in the morning. No party yesterday……bummer, just felt like it but by cooler part of the head prevailed so instead of doing it I did my party in writing.

  3. Damn – your home – well make yourself a good strong margarita . . . I’ve had a few tonight . . . girlfriends took me out for a few, & some Mexican food, of course 😉

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